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The top kid-friendly museums in Israel

Bring your children, plus unleash your inner child at these kid-friendly museums

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For the average child, visiting museums in Israel can be a yawn-fest. But it needn’t be about schlepping them through Jewish art galleries brimming with Old Masters’ paintings in the hope that your toddler doesn’t throw a tantrum in front of a Titian. We’ve a rounded up the top kid-friendly museums in Israel to give your tots a touch of Israeli culture. From vintage car exhibitions and sculpture gardens to a miniature replica of Israel's top attractions and the world's only outdoor science museum, it'll be hard to get your children to leave these special gems.

The best museums in Israel for children to enjoy


Holon Children's Museum

Purpose-built for kids, this museum offers a range of activities for kids aged 2-12. Unlike conventional museums, children are encouraged to touch all of the displays, and even play a role in the exhibits. Not-to-be-missed are the famous 'Dialogue in the Dark' and 'Invitation to Silence' exhibits, two experiences that provide emotional and telling insight into the worlds of blind and deaf people.

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Tower of David (Citadel)

Jerusalem's Citadels, known locally as the "Tower of David," is a magnificently restored archaeological structure that bears witness to thousands of years of history. Inside the ancient guard rooms is a museum that houses permanent exhibitions telling the story of Jerusalem through specialized cultural events, activities, tours and temporary exhibitions. From the top of King Herod's tower, there are breathtaking 360 degree views of the city, both new and old. Don't forget to check out what new app or digital development they have to better experience the stories of the city. Also, don't miss the Night Spectacular: an outdoor sound and light show projected onto its stone wells telling the rich story of Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem Old City

The Israeli Cartoon Museum

The Israeli Cartoon Museum was founded in cooperation between the city of Holon and the Israeli Cartoonist Association. The museum houses exhibits on various themes, presenting local Israeli cartoonists and leading creators in the field. It encourages academic research of cartoons, caricatures, and comics as a way of analyzing Israeli society and culture. Various educational programs, artist master classes, workshops and more are also available at the Israeli Cartoon Museum. A dream for comic enthusiasts, it will have you looking at animation in a new way. The perfect outing for families, with free admission for children under 5.

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The Open Museums - Omer

This unique museum is located in an Industrial Park in Omer, with the impressive desert scenery of the Negev serving as the backdrop. In addition to a changing art gallery featuring top Israeli artists, there is also an interactive sculpture garden and vintage car collection which is sure to delight adults and children alike.

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The Olympic Experience

When the weather is just too sizzling to think about enjoying yourselves outdoors, why not head over to the Olympic Experience, a little-known museum next to Park HaYarkon that is entirely devoted to the world’s most famous sporting event. Five halls, each one representing a different ring of the Olympic symbol, uses audio-visual presentations to tell the history of the Olympics from Ancient Greece until modern times. There are plenty of interactive sporting and endurance activities so your children won’t get bored. There’s also a dedicated exhibition of the 1972 massacre of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa
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