Akko Opera Festival

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Akko Opera Festival
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Special renditions of several operas come to a weekend festival in Akko.

Sex, political manipulation, and dramatic music aren’t just things of television this August. The first weekend of the month, three performances are coming to the Akko Opera Festival, hosted by The Israeli Opera in the Old City of Akko. First, “Giulio Cesare in Egitto” (known in English as “Julius Caesar in Egypt”) tells the story of Julius Caesar’s tortured visit to Egypt, where he finds himself caught between Cleopatra and her brother in a dramatic family feud. Next, opera soloists sing Israeli classics of Arik Einstein, and finally, “The Magic Flute” recounts a perilous journey with love and loss along the way. All the productions were created specifically for the seaside stage of Knight's Hall, and promise a weekend of high intensity entertainment.

By: Kayla Levy


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