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16 tell-tale signs you know you're in Florentin

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1. People pose no threat to cats - they own the streets, not you.



2. Moustaches, beards, or some form of unnecessary facial hair are not just socially acceptable, they're compulsory.



3. It isn't unusual to find weed droppings in your hair after walking underneath the Florentin balconies.



4. They leave the 'e' off of Florentin.



5. There is a dive bar every step you take, not just every block. Also, don't be surprised if someone has chosen to express themselves with a contemporary dance routine smack dab in the middle of the bar.



6. The ratio of bikes:people oddly seems to be 2:1.



7. No one seems to sleep...ever.



8. The kids who grew up there are cooler than you.



9. The Florentin 'street art' is too intricate to be categorized as graffiti.


10. Art studios are more common than AM:PM grocery stores.



11. They can turn down your shek as they're all about the co-op – they even have their own bit-coin system.



12. Their life travels have taken them from the army to India to a 2-3 year lease with five other guys who have also been to the army, India, and back.



13. The only downside is that on any given night, you'll probably hear a crappy acoustic rendition of "Hotel California" coming from the window next door.


14. 4 in every 5 Florentinians are philosophers, artists, musicians, or 'discovering themselves.'


15. You'll come face to face (or nostril to nostril) with the soothing aromas of sewage.


16. Filtered coffee is not just a drink, it's a lifestyle.