Art Source, the one-stop-shop for locating the best of Israeli art, has arrived – and it’s all online

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Natasha Gammell

Within a culture rife with abundant artistic expression, it’s surprising this hasn’t happened until now.

There is so much significant Israeli art and the new platform, Art Source, has arrived to put it all in one, navigable, highly informative place. Founded by Michal Freedman and Sarah Peguine, two friends deeply entrenched in the local art scene, Art Source functions as a one-stop-shop for collecting contemporary art from Israel.

The site effortlessly enables visitors to discover, learn about, purchase, and gift local art. “We give you the most informed advisory services, and, finally, provide crating and shipping services so that your favorite pieces arrive at your door, anywhere in the world,” they say.

Sarah Peguine and Michal Freedman © Daniel Tchetchik

“Throughout the years, Michal and I realized that there was something missing,” says Peguine, the brains behind the Tel Aviv art tours and blog ‘Oh So Arty.’ “How can you make the contemporary art scene in Israel more accessible and better known by the international audience?” she says.

Multifunctional and very helpful, the site puts Israeli art on the map. “The artists and the artworks themselves are always updating so it’s cool to come back to check them out,” says Freedman. “We also have a really cool online magazine with original content, we have a great newsletter, and we have the Art Source gift card which is a unique feature that I don’t think exists.” Unique it is – the gift card allows buyers and collectors to give the gift of art, risk free: “it makes for the most meaningful gift, especially for things like weddings and milestones but, it’s tricky, because art is so personal – the Art Source gift card lets people choose for themselves,” says Freedman.

© Khen Shish The Magical Forrest and the Wild Animals

Freedman worked as director of the esteemed Gordon Gallery for 8 years and discovered a missing link for Israeli art enthusiasts. “People don’t know the galleries, the artists,” says Freedman, “no one knows where to find these things, so we really felt a need to have this online home for everybody to get to know the amazing scene. It is such a dynamic, innovative, and unique space – both the local art scene and art market here. We are very rooted in it, and we are always looking for ways to make global connections.”

Peguine would bring her art tours to Gordon Gallery, and Sarah would present to the crowd. From there, they discovered a shared vision. “We really noticed that we collaborate well together,” says Freedman. “For 50 years, the gallery sold only local, and I was always looking for that international connection, for that expanding of circles, both of the art and the market,” she says.

SION, By Joseph Dadoune

As a trusted home for international art collectors, Israeli artists are given the stage – and, it’s been a long time coming.

“We work with very, very established artists that have represented Israel in the Venice Biennale and other international shows,” says Freedman. “In parallel, we work with small group of emerging artists whom we really believe in and want to help develop their local and international reputations,” she continues. The curators are committed to present work from a variety of mediums, styles, backgrounds, and price points. “Diversity is very big for us, too,” says Peguine, “many of the artists tackle important political and identity– related subjects. And it is a platform to discover these issues through a cultural angle,” she says.

Miriam Cabessa

“Every artist is one that we have followed their work for years,” Peguine explains. “We have these relationships with the artists and it’s been really amazing to see how eager everyone is to take part in a platform like this.” The pair are equally on the lookout for fresh talent, however, “we go to the major art schools graduate exhibitions and we have been on the lookout for the next star,” says Peguine, “and we go to visit new artists’ studios every week.”

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