Herzliya hosts a culinary celebration: Good Food Festival

Written by
Dotan Shoham

With the background of the waves and yachts, with live music and a perfect atmosphere for summer, a unique culinary festival will take place for the first time at the Herzliya Marina with dishes from Israel's greatest chefs

The magical marina in Herzelia will undergo a makeover with seating complexes, concert stages and an international festival atmosphere. The perfect location, gourmet dishes and cool beers, live music and an uplifting atmosphere are the fantasy of all the food lovers. The Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Company, together with Eli Levy Productions, will present the Good Food Festival featuring food trucks of top chefs.

Benedict © Nimrod Sanders

Among the chefs and restaurants that can be tasted at the festival, there will be Guy Peretz with the Bayern Market, the Karolina food truck, Fisherman's Boat, Pizza Bella, Susu & Sons, Benedict in a Box, ARIA, Nununu, Dixie, Herbert Samuel, Shi Shi and more. The famous dishes of the great chefs will arrive at the Herzliya Marina at low prices ranging between NIS 15 and NIS 35.

Admission is free. June 26-27, 18: 00-23: 00, Herzliya Marina. herzliya-marina.co.il/event

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