Souped-up: Tel Aviv's most slurpable soups

Comfort foods vary, but when temperatures are low, nothing says hug-in-a-mug like a piping bowl of soup. The ultimate winter secret weapon is worth facing the cold winds for and is the perfect dish for a cozy night out. So grab a spoon, because whatever your preferred gulp is – broths, bisques, or ramen – these are the best in town.
Tom Yum Soup – Thai House
A must-visit for any foodie, Thai House on Bograshov Street is the real deal, serving authentic, traditional Thai food smack in the heart of Tel Aviv. Their take on Tom Yum soup is no exception; fresh broth cooked with Thai herbs and roots, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and coriander. Add fish, seafood or chicken and have yourself a soul-warming evening.
8 Bograshov St | 68/78 NIS
Red Kubbeh Soup – Azura
Jerusalem’s legendary restaurant and its famous home-cooked cuisine, made “aliyah” to Tel Aviv a couple of years back and has since taken over the traditional culinary scene. Every dish on the menu is mouth-watering, but a winter staple is the Red Kubbeh soup – semolina dumplings filled with meat and served in a beet-based broth.
1 Mikveh Israel St | 45 NIS
Silk Harira Soup – Suzanna
Suzanna has been serving Mediterranean style food for over two decades, offering a variety of A+ dishes for locals and tourists alike. Their renowned Moroccan soup is the epitome of comfort food, combining lamb meat, chickpeas, lentils, beans, lemon and traditional seasoning. Major plus: Suzanna is located in Neve Tzedek, one of Tel Aviv’s most magical neighborhoods.
9 Shabazi St | 45 NIS
Silken Tofu Ramen – Hiro Free-style Ramen Bar
Chef Israel Aharoni’s Hiro is a free-style ramen soup bar, offering his personal interpretation of the famous noodle soups. A vegetarian gem worth knowing about is the Tofu Ramen dish, which combines marinated tofu cubes, pak choi, shitake mushrooms, pickled daikon, sprouts, spring onion, wakame seaweed and soy egg.
Sarona Market | 48 NIS
Legumes Soup – Falafel Gabai
Don’t let the name fool you – ever since opening his doors in 1946, Gabai has been known not only for his amazing – you guessed it – Falafel, but for his selection of incredible soups, especially during the colder months. Our fave is the Legumes soup - a veggie-based stew, rich in flavors, combining dry beans, chickpeas, lentils and grits, celery, onions and parsley.
25 Bograshov St | 28-38 NIS
Goose Pho Soup – Fifi's
If you’re willing to wait for a seat at one of the four tables available, this charming restaurant will make you feel like you’ve landed in Hanoi. Their version of Pho Soup is heaven, made with goose meat, rice noodles, green vegetables and lime, soaked in a rich, spicy broth. Fresh basil, coriander, hot red pepper, boiled broccoli, semi-hard egg, garlic and fried ginger are served on the side, for you to slip into your Pho as you see fit.
5 Zevulun St | 56 NIS
Marak Regel – Shimon Melech Hamarakim (Shimon the King of Soups) 
This veteran hole-in-the-wall serves the best Yemeni food in town. A cult favorite is the calf’s foot soup, served with bone marrow and seasoned in Hawaij and other traditional spices. With it you will be served the traditional Yemeni pita bread, saluf – a type of rustic flatbread, and hilbeh, a fenugreek condiment.
28 Yehya Kapah St | 43 NIS
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