Tel Aviv's newest & wildest summer cocktails

By Time Out Israel Editors

It's summertime, which means many things in Tel Aviv: bustling beaches, longer days, ice cream galore...but summertime only means one thing for the White City bar scene: new cocktails! We've summoned Tel Aviv's cocktail Gods to grace us with their newest, wildest, wackiest summer creations. Here's a sneak peek at the sensational summer concoctions to imbibe all summer long. 


Leyla: "Khat Daiquiri"

Rum flavored with fenugreek, lime juice, Khat syrup, sugar, and spices.


© Anatoly Michaello

Drama: "Sage Sour"

Gin, Becherovka, cucumber, bitter celery, lemon, and sage leaves.


© Eliran Dahan

Aria: "Don Juan"

Don Julio Blanco tequila infused with lemon grass, Green Chartreuse, Midori, pineapple juice, lime and Agave syrup.


© Gal Zehavi

Jasper Johns: "Bloody Mary"

Ketel One vodka with our special tomato mix made from Italian tomatoes, coriander and fresh oregano, sugar, salt, English pepper, and touch of horseradish. And of course, Tabasco, Worcestershire, and beet stalk.

Jasper Johns

Courtesy of Jasper Johns

La Otra: "Breakfast of Champions"

Woodford Reserve bourbon, El Dorado 5 rum, orange liqueur, fresh melon, lime, and coffee. A winning combination of ingredients, each one is a winner by itself.

La Otra

© Ben Yuster

Imperial: "Sabra Cadabra"

South American Pisco shaken with prickly pear syrup, fresh pineapple, lemon juice, and a few dashes of teapot bitters. 


© Ben Yuster

Motel: "Rocket Pocket"

Vodka infused with cucumbers, Martini Bianco, lime, Agave syrup, arugula leaves, and soda.


© Gilad Livnat

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