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A guide to alternative Tel Aviv nightlife

Not everyone’s cut out for the club-all-night, sleep-all-day Tel Avivian lifestyle. Here’s a guide to alternative nightlife activities

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Whether you’re looking for a less rowdy night out or you’re just not feeling the Thursday night bracelet bar / Friday morning hangover combination, there are plenty of things to do in Tel Aviv once that Mediterranean sun sets. From less costly late night activities like a picnic in HaYarkon Park or sharing a bottle of cheap wine and a box of pizza with friends at the beach, to fun adventures like conquering our list of must-try Israeli escape rooms, the White City has got an alternative activity for all types. Don’t feel ashamed for passing up free club entry on Rothschild Boulevard…embrace the other side of the nonstop city for once. It may just surprise you in the most pleasant of ways.

Alternative Tel Aviv nightlife activities


Read a book @ The Little Prince

The Little Prince is the perfect literature haven for bookworms. Great for olim, it offers a wide selection of books in Hebrew, Russian, French, and Spanish, as well as an entire room of English literature. With many eclectic, peculiar books, The Little Prince is great for those looking to stray from the typical bookstore selection. The prices are affordable, which has earned this shop a loyal customer base. Get comfortable with a cup of coffee or a glass of cold beer while you browse, or curl up in its dreamy atmosphere to read your latest selection.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Gelato and jazz @ Arte Glideria

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” Pop into Arte Glideria and treat yourself to this Sicilian slice of heaven on Nachalat Binyamin. Arte Glideria’s staff are wonderfully friendly, and, if you can catch them at the right moment, are keen to show you their “laboratory”” at the back of the shop where they concoct their signature flavors. Staff picks are “Marco’s cake,” a creamy base topped with fruit coulis and rich almond crumble, their Mojito Granita, made in true Sicilian fashion by reducing the temperature of the ingredients to produce a snow-like texture, plus an array of vegan water-based flavors. On thursday evenings, they host nightly jazz jams to accompany their gelato.

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Nachalat Binyamin

Laugh until you cry @ Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel hosts music, theatre, and comedy shows, featuring performers from both Israel and abroad. It is inspired by the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York City, which housed many famous artists, including Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Mark Twain, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin. Chelsea Tel Aviv aims to serve as a home for artists of all kinds. It is also perfect for business events, with all the requirements for speeches and presentations, lectures and performances. With a carefully crafted menu and specialty cocktails, the Chelsea Hotel will inspire all its visitors.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Try to get out alive @ Escape City

Escape City hosts 10 different breakout room scenarios. Visitors have one hour to escape a room, which is designed to fit one of many themes. Escape City has escape rooms designed to simulate pop culture phenomenon. Some rooms contain frightening themes such as the Saw franchise, or more innocent ventures, such as one emulating Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This allows a wide range of ages and interests to be accommodated, while participating in the fun of trying to escape. Escape City also has gaming rooms for group gaming experiences or viewing sporting events and tournaments, karaoke rooms, and event space for up to 120 guests.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Try again @ 60 Minute Escape Room

60 Minute Escape Room is different from your typical break out game in that the scenarios are based on true events, giving it a historical edge. It offers two options: escape from a serial killer and escape from a terrorist cell. Although the themes are a bit dark, it is suitable for children, with kids under fourteen being accompanied by an adult. Based on video game play, 60 Minute Escape Room allows guests to solve a quest based on clues and riddles provided.

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Catch a flik @ Lev Theatre

Hidden behind the McDonald’s on the top level of Dizengoff center is a peaceful little theatre. Lev Tel Aviv is part of the well-known Lev cinema chain that spans Israel, though rumor has it Tel Aviv’s branch is the best. This cinema pleases audiences of all languages, screening both Hollywood hits and blockbusters alongside indie European masterpieces - all with Hebrew subtitles. Each cinema room has limited seating, which provides for an intimate experience. At unbeatable prices like their 7-movie package for 160 NIS, Lev Tel Aviv is every movie buff’s dream.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Sing your heart out @ Karaoke

There are only so many weekends you can frequent the same local bars or leave from a night out at the club to find decorative napkins in your hair, up your sleeves, and in pockets you didn't even know you had. Why not opt for an alternative night out. Whether in Israel's party capital of Tel Aviv or down south in Be'er Sheva, the Karaoke phenomenon has hit the country from top to bottom. Embarrass yourself while singing Madonna in front of a crowd or book a private room with your friends and sing along to Disney tunes. You can even throw in some dance moves at these Karaoke bars and chains.

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By: Jennifer Greenberg

Dine on pizza and wine @ Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach boasts volleyball courts and a lovely saltwater swimming pool, surrounded by lawns to lounge on. On the boardwalk you’ll find a myriad of restaurants serving huge portions of classics like Israeli breakfast, fresh fish, sandwiches and a huge array of salads. After sundown, various outdoor beach bars provide sun-burnt partiers with some afterhours fun with DJs, drinks and dancing. 

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Tel Aviv Beach 
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