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Escape rooms in Israel...are you up to the challenge?

Grab a group of friends and try to escape these top ten themed locations across Israel. Freedom has never felt so good

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While Tel Aviv’s nightlife guarantees a good party and Jerusalem has its fair share of fun bars, sometimes, we could all use a break from the booze. That’s where escape rooms come in. The escape room fad in Israel is growing in popularity as families, friends and coworkers are taking their stab at cracking the code on difficult scenarios and working together to escape themed rooms within the allotted timeframe. From scary murder-themed rooms to family-friendly chocolate factories, these ten escape rooms offer fun options for every escapee. Can you beat the clock and get out alive? Or will you be trapped inside for all of eternity?

The best escape rooms in Israel


60 Minute Escape Room

60 Minute Escape Room is different from your typical break out game in that the scenarios are based on true events, giving it a historical edge. It offers two options: escape from a serial killer and escape from a terrorist cell. Although the themes are a bit dark, it is suitable for children, with kids under fourteen being accompanied by an adult. Based on video game play, 60 Minute Escape Room allows guests to solve a quest based on clues and riddles provided. 

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Using wisdom and creativity, participants have an hour to unlock a mystery and escape the room. A new hangout concept perfect for friends, families, couples and co-workers, you’ll love Locked. Children are welcome, however, kids under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult. Locked offers its quests in a variety of languages. Locked will have you thinking creatively and working as a team for a truly unforgettable experience. 

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Tel Aviv City Center

Out of the Box

Out of the Box escape quests are all about solving various types of puzzles, thinking, analysing and working as a team. It’s a great bonding experience for friends, colleagues, family or dates, and will bring participants closer together. Come to Out of the Box for special occasions, such as birthdays, or book your next school club outing here. Communication with the operator can be done in Hebrew, English or Russian, although no language skills are required to play, so all are welcome. A variety of room play scenarios are offered, including one that has an identical room, to race against another team. 

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Old North

Brain It

With one room, one hour and one team, you’re in a race against time. Everything looks like you’re inside a video game… but it’s real! Find hidden objects and hints to solve riddles and unravel mysteries, all while trying to escape a locked room. Themes include super heroes, horror movies, space, crime and magic, among other creative challenges. Brain It has puzzle rooms in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Rishon Lezion, Netanya and Herzliya. Suitable for groups of two to four and the perfect challenge for couples, friends, co-workers, families or any other group!

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Escape It

Escape It aims to bring video games to reality, through their challenging breakout room challenges. Each room follows a carefully crafted story, designed to give players a lifelike experience while playing the game. Players are given an hour to work with their team to solve clues, attempting to escape. Escape It is unique in that it has two identical rooms, each of which holds six players. This allows two teams to race against each other, making it the perfect room escape simulation for larger groups. Escape It also offers catering for parties or office events. 

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Escape Room Israel

Escape Room Israel hosts various escape room scenarios across Israel, including rooms in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Petah Tikva, Rishon Lezion, Netanya and Ramat Gan. Options are available for difficulty level, group size and interest. Try a themed quest related to the military, crime, prison, hangovers, a sinking ship, among others, and new rooms are added regularly. Escape Room Israel is recommended for those ages ten and up, and those under sixteen are not permitted without an adult. Participants have an hour to work as a team and escape the situation they’re trapped in.

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Rishon LeTsion

Jerusalem Puzzle Quest

At Jerusalem Puzzle Quest, participants work in teams, compromised of friends or strangers, to escape a room by unlocking a set of clues. An activity suited for pre-teens and up, for family, friends, co-workers or any other group that could benefit from a challenge that involves working together. Jerusalem Puzzle Quest is so challenging that the guide is often needed to help guests work through it. The goal is to work to unlock a wine cabinet and steal its contents before the time runs out, but non-wine drinkers are still welcome!  

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Secret Room

The Secret Room offers quests in Haifa, Jerusalem, Ashdod and Tel Aviv. Past participants speak of losing themselves in the game, completely absorbed for the hour-long task. Guests can come play as a group or join one of the weekly tournaments. The Secret Room is known for its realistic premises and lifelike rooms, props and sounds, as well as the quests' challenging nature. Your blood will be racing as you try to solve clues before the clock runs out. So much fun, when it’s over you’ll be dying to get locked back in for one of the other escape room scenarios.

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Jerusalem City Center

Escape City

Escape City hosts 10 different breakout room scenarios. Visitors have one hour to escape a room, which is designed to fit one of many themes. Escape City has escape rooms designed to simulate pop culture phenomenon. Some rooms contain frightening themes such as the Saw franchise, or more innocent ventures, such as one emulating Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This allows a wide range of ages and interests to be accommodated, while participating in the fun of trying to escape. Escape City also has gaming rooms for group gaming experiences or viewing sporting events and tournaments, karaoke rooms, and event space for up to 120 guests.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Gravity at Cyber Quest

Gravity at Cyber Quest is an augmented reality escape game, perfect for technology lovers. Using Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, up to six participants work together to repair the International Space Station in an hour’s time. Experience a simulation of working in space, using an avatar that can fly with the movement of your arms, interact with your teammate’s avatars, and many other surprises. Gravity at Cyber Quest is unlike any other escape room scenario you’ve seen, and one you won’t want to miss!

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa
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Ronen M
Ronen M

What a missleading article!!! If one really checks the rooms in Israel, he will find out they are all far far from being the leading rooms in Israel.

Is this an advertisment? Dear Timeout, I value your newspaper maybe you should send your journalist to check some rooms and save your face.