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The best bagels in Tel Aviv: a not-so-Israeli breakfast staple

Poppy seed, cinnamon raisin, and onion–oh my!

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For many North American Jews, nothing says family brunch quite like bagels and lox. However, in the Jewish State, classic Jewish food means a little more hummus and a little less schmear. Don't let the Shuk vendors chanting "Bageleh! Bageleh!" disappoint you with their stale hoops of dough closer to pretzel-consistency than anything. If you're no longer finding the pita a pocket full of sunshine, and you’re looking for a perfectly fluffy and chewy pick-me-up, sink your teeth into one (or more) of these Tel Aviv bagels.

Never fear! We've got bagels & schmear


Café Xoho

Even in café-crazed Tel Aviv, Xoho stands out. Everything, from the piping hot bagels crowned with beet-cured salmon to the buttery chocolate-chip cookies, the umami-bomb kale ceasar salad and even the jams and spreads – are made in-house.The menu includes a full juice bar (the purple lemonade is a must-try), a huge range of vegan options (the mushroom bacon has a bit of a cult following), with various vegan and gluten-free options. Soy and almond milk are always in stock, and Matcha Green Tea lattes, both cold and hot, are winners. Like the dozens of regulars (to match the dozens of bagels) that make up their loyal clientele, you might find yourself not wanting to leave.

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Tel Aviv City Center

NOLA American Bakery

Nola is an adorable American bakery and cafe on Dizengoff Street known for its nostalgic treats, including chewy chocolate chip cookies, homemade peppermint patties and Nola’s signature Mud Pie—made of Graham cracker crust and filled with chocolate fudge, cream, pecans and chocolate. They have a nice selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, and Jewish American comfort food classics too, which of course includes the all-powerful, carb-tastic bagel. 

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Old North


Located past Rothschild’s eclectic restaurants, an almost hidden establishment is worth the extra journey to find. Once you come across this special gem, follow the heavenly aromas inside where all the wine, olives, fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan meats, cheese, and deli-style ready-made food you can think of await. Think New York’s Chelsea Market meets London’s Borough Market meets Toronto’s Kensington Market all crammed into one main floor. After drooling over the first floor of Delicatessen, make your way upstairs to the busy restaurant offering up a wide array of dishes like Asian-inspired salads, chopped liver, roast beef, and Salmon with Bulgur. As if your taste buds aren’t spoiled enough, each table includes a basket of freshly baked bread. For a great appetizer and main dish deal, grab the NIS 79 lunch special with a friend.

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White City

Carmeli’s Bagels

Fifteen years, and fifteen Israeli branches later, Carmeli’s Bagels has made it to Tel Aviv. With a wide selection of salads and spreads, all served on fresh, homemade bagels, it’s clear why this London born, Israeli-owned chain is a household name in England and Israel alike. It’s newest location in Sarona market is Kosher dairy, and open for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

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Tal Bagels

You know you can trust a bagel company when its four branches outside of Israel are in Manhattan. Tal Bagels made its Israeli debut in 1996, but decades before, the Israeli-owned business made its mark on the Upper West Side. With all of the fixing of a New York deli, from the neon light-up sign and vinyl seating to countless varieties of spreads and schmear for the homemade bagels, Tal Bagels is sure to impress local and out-of-town bagel lovers alike. Plus, they have delivery!

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White City
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