The most authentic hummus restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a hummus haven, but these Middle Eastern hot spots separate the strong from the weak

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While you can wander down just about any Jaffa or central Tel Aviv street and find at least one – if not more – falafel stands and hummus shops, we’re all about quality over quantity. The warm, creamy combination thrives on the perfect balance of stewed chickpeas, lemon, garlic, tehina, oil and other herbs & spices. From decadent flavors to ideal textures and adventurous toppings (including vegan-friendly options like sautéed mushrooms or the iconic meat-lover’s ground beef), these hummus hotspots set themselves apart from their tourist trap neighbors. Check out the best hummus restaurants in Tel Aviv for a little taste of heaven that will keep you coming back again and again and again...


Heavenly hummus restaurants in Tel Aviv


Abu Hassan (Ali Karavan)

Don’t miss Abu Hassan, the go-to place for a plate of creamy chickpea goodness. Take it to go or eat in house; you won’t be disappointed. For a real local experience, order the ‘masabacha’—it’s another version of hummus, topped off with chickpeas in their juice and other trimmings.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa


Arguably the best hummus in Tel Aviv is Mashawasha – a sunny, adorable cafe-style hummus joint located just off the popular Bograshov Street. “Mashawasha” is a style of hummus that includes whole chickpeas, giving texture to the creamy treat. This heavenly eatery features fresh cut salads, homemade pickles, and warm pita crafted with love. Try the mashawasha with tehina and fried mushroom and onions for a truly mouth-watering culinary experience. After you eat, relax with a Turkish coffee while recovering from this filling meal. Be sure to come hungry.  

Tel Aviv City Center

The Syrian's Son

The Syrian was a hummus spot in the Yemenite Quarter famous for their light, fluffy hummus, which closed down after many years of business. Lucky for us, the owner’s son opened the Syrian's son, which serves up the same recipe of luscious chickpeas heaven. The restaurant serves a great plate, with options for add ins including fava beans, tahina, egg and more. Before you even take the first bite, the mouth-watering smells coming from the kitchen will show you why this recipe has been in the family for generations; it's one of the tastiest hummus you’ll ever try!

Kerem Hateimanim

Hummus Kaspi

Hummus Kaspi makes some of the best hummus in the old north, so good that it has expanded to have more branches around Tel Aviv. They offer a large selection of starters, hummuses, falafel, salads and shakshuka. It is a great place to order a cold beer and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with friends. The salads are cut to order; try the popular herb salad with labane, grilled beets and pomegranate tehina sauce. For dessert they offer a heavenly malabi, along with an aromatic cup of coffee.

Tel Aviv City Center

Hummus Ashkara

Hummus Ashkara serves up large portions of tasty hummus, leaving both the stomach and the mind happy. In addition to their thick, mouthwatering hummus bowls, they offer falafel, sabich, eggs, salads, chips, fava beans, tahina and other add-ons. This special spot offers quick service with a smile and is open late for when those hummus cravings strike at night. A favorite with locals, you won't see many tourists dining at Hummus Ashkara, but If you’re looking for a filling meal at a low price, it will never disappoints.  

Old North

Abu Dabi

Located in downtown Tel Aviv on the bustling King George Street is Abu Dabi. This small hummus spot is perfectly located to drop in before, during, or after a night out at one of the many popular bars nearby, or to refuel during a shopping trip at Dizengoff Center. Abu Dabi has a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service, in addition to delicious hummus, fresh salads and homemade chips and falafel. The hummus is exquisite, the music is trendy and the location unbeatable. Known as the “reggae” hummus spot, you’ll leave Abu Dabi relaxed and full.  

Tel Aviv City Center

Hummus Kiki

Hummus Kiki is a local hummus joint that is loved by locals for its friendly, helpful service and delicious filling (Kosher) meals. The restaurant offers staples such as fluffy, warm pita, creamy hummus, fresh salads, comforting soups, veggie burgers, falafel, chips, and unique creations, like the shakshuka and hummus combination dish. Wash it down with a fresh squeezed lemonade, perfect for a sunny day. The quick service makes it a great lunch stop for those on the go. Before you weigh in on the great Israeli hummus debate, make sure to give Hummus Kiki a try.

Tel Aviv City Center

Hummus Eliyahu

This chain has almost 40 branches around Israel, including two in Tel Aviv. Hummus Elyahu has spread for a reason, they have some of the great hummus at an affordable price. They boast a simple, but flavorful menu containing hummus with chickpeas, fava beans, tahina, egg, or mushrooms, salads, soups, and more. With warm, intoxicating pita and fresh, creamy hummus, you’ll be happy to know you can find Hummus Elyahu in almost every part of the country.  

White City

Golden Grain (Garger Hazahav)

Located in Levinsky Market is Garger Hazahav Hummus. The line of hipsters outside tells you that even to Israelis’ high standards, they make a good bowl of hummus. Their menu also includes a tasty fried cauliflower, fresh tabouli and eggplant salads, chips and homemade falafel, all of which can be complemented with a cold beer. For dessert, there's a heavenly malabi and a complimentary coffee or tea to help perk you out of the food coma you’re sure to have. The price is reasonable, the location is fantastic, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Garger Hazahav is beloved by the locals and a must-visit on your tour of Tel Aviv hummus joints.  

Shuk Levinsky
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