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The best burger joints in Tel Aviv

The Americans may think they do it best, but we do it better. Check out the juiciest burgers this side of the Middle East

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When it comes to burgers, many Tel Aviv restaurants are not only keeping up with their very distant North American cousins, some may argue they have finally surpassed them. With Tel Aviv’s pizza reputation already at full capacity, and new markets like Rothschild Allenby opening up the international food game, it’s only natural for the White City to keep on top of their burger game as well. These Tel Aviv street food spots are famous for their burgers where their meat is on point, their fried chicken burgers are all the rage, and even vegan options aim to please. There’s a reason people wait hours afterhours to sink their teeth into soft buns and succulent meat at these burger joints. Here’s our roundup of the best Tel Aviv has to offer between the buns, anytime of day.


Burger joints in Tel Aviv to sink your teeth into


America Burger

Known to many as the best burger in Tel Aviv, this burger joint is flipping some of Tel Aviv’s best patties from afternoon to midnight. With it’s central and well-designed storefront, America Burgers is not only a place to satisfy your hunger, but also a place to relax and enjoy a meal in a visually appealing setting. With top notch American quality, the restaurant reasonably priced, making it a good grab for many Tel Avivians with a yearning for the U.S. America Burgers makes the process easy by limiting their menu to five unique burger options. So grab a burger and a side of chips, and delve into this fabulous factory of yum!

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White City

Susu & sons

Susu & sons is the newest baby of celebrity chef Omer Miller. Miller – known for his culinary skills in the Israeli restaurant world – has finally jumped on the street food bandwagon with his hot hamburger stand. But, this isn't just any late-night greasy spoon; these burgers are elevated to new heights with crazy creations that shine the spotlight on unusual toppings like egg salad, blue cheese, guacamole and, for the truly adventurous, pieces of lobster. Before, you weren't cool until you had devoured an Eyal Shani pita inspiration; now, you aren't cool until you've taken a bite of Susu & sons burger bliss.

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White City

Ad HaEtzem Burger Express

This American-style fast-food burger dive features amazing burgers, crunchy chips, a wide range of sauces, and even free refills! A popular late-night spot, Burger Express manages to feed its customers from lunchtime til the wee hours of the morn. Unlike some other places in Tel Aviv which offer gourmet burgers, Burger Express brings it back to the basics with three simple options, single, double, and triple. If you’re looking for a quick bite in a casual setting at just about any hour of the day, look no further because Burger Express has got you covered.

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White City

Port 19

Port 19 is said to have some of the best hot dogs and burgers in Tel Aviv, made from the highest-quality, freshest meat. With great service and a delicious menu, Port 19 is one of Tel Aviv’s best kept secrets. Port 19’s burgers are flavorful and their fries are seasoned to perfection. The menu contains unique burger choices with themed toppings and an extensive beer list. Try the Jerusalem burger with lamb, pickled lemon and more, or the Hawaiian, which features blue cheese and pineapple.

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Tel Aviv City Center


Agadir offers juicy burgers piled with whatever topping your heart can imagine. Creamy cheeses, greasy bacon, portobello, pineapple chilli, garlic butter, guacamole; just a few of the exquisite additions that can be squeezed between the buns. With multiple locations, Agadir is ready to satisfy late-night cravings. Start with crisp cauliflower with tzatziki or a beef carpaccio with parmesan, and choose from a list of signature cocktails or wines. Agadir also offers mouth-watering desserts, including milkshakes, ice cream waffles and crême brulée.

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Tel Aviv City Center
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