The best restaurants in Tel Aviv serving pizza

From a midnight slice to an entire pie, these pizzerias are baking up the best pizza in town

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Whether it’s five in the evening and you’re craving Italian or it’s five a.m. and you’ve stumbled out of a club on Allenby unable to wait for Israeli breakfast, there’s nothing better than an authentic pizza pie. The current pizza scene is bursting with flavor in the White City: imagine the crispiest of crusts baked to perfection, hand stirred marinara that will put shakshuka sauce to shame and a never-ending combination of toppings. From Tel Aviv street food favorites like Tony Vespa to more refined picks, here’s our all-encompassing guide to the best restaurants in Tel Aviv serving pizza.

Pizza, pizza, pizza! The best restaurants in Tel Aviv for a slice or four



Thin crispy crust, authentic Italian sauce, and the finest buffalo I in heaven? No, you are at HaPizza, Italian pizzeria. With some of the best pizza in Tel Aviv, it’s no shock the small space is always packed. Not only does HaPizza serve sensational thin crust pizza and gourmet toppings, it also features some of the most authentic pasta and gnocchi around. HaPizza brings Italy straight to the Holy Land with a menu of both classic and contemporary pizzas, pastas, and salads.     

Tel Aviv City Center


Started by a musician and pizza artist who immigrated to Israel from France, bringing with him everything he knows about dough and pizza, Philippe is a fusion of delicious flavors. Philippe doesn't compromise on anything – the dough is made using painstaking methods and the finest raw materials. The cooking process includes selecting special combinations of vegetables, fine cheeses, and sausages, as well as orchestrating the pizzas to come out at the exact right moment from the authentic wood-burning stove – hot and steamy, crisp, thin, and fresh. Philippe promises your encounter to be an “experience of tastes, aromas, and a great, joyful atmosphere.”  


Tony Vespa Pizza

The winner of time Out Tel aviv best pizza award since it was established, and with three branches in Tel Aviv alone, Tony Vespa Pizza is the best spot to grab a slice or two in Tel Aviv. With original flavors and topping choices, Tony Vespa offers vegan options as well as a ton of great meat options. Slices are ordered by weight, so you can choose a custom size that suits your appetite perfectly! If you are looking for a quick and filling bite to eat in the center of Tel Aviv, look no further.

White City

Brooklyn Pizza

For those missing a slice of oversized pizzas — 50 cm to be precise — the Brooklyn-style pizza that doesn’t fall apart also seems to have a never-ending selection of toppings like artichokes, ham and cornichons, all with some serious New York nostalgia. For a decadent ending to your meal, get the calzone filled with nutella alongside some luscious soft serve ice cream.  

Old North


Huddled in the newly opened Sarona is an historic German Templar compound established in the 19th century that now flaunts a slew of boutiques and restaurants fit for couples, friends and families. Third time's the charm as Rustico’s other two branches in Tel Aviv are humming with patrons from all over the world. Begin with beef Carpaccio and a fresh salad, take a breather with a gorgeously homemade brick-stone oven focaccia and end off slurping up a perfectly creamy pasta. Delicate flavors, relaxed atmosphere and little Italy in Israel, remember Rustico.

Old North


Fittingly located in Neve Tzedek, the most romantic and quaint neighborhood in Tel Aviv, lies a lovely little authentic Italian restaurant named Beccafico. The menu here changes often, as they serve only the freshest produce that’s in season. It can be a challenge to find a truly well-made pizza in Israel, but take solace in the fact that Beccafico lovingly creates other-worldly homemade pies with thin and crispy crust. And don’t forget to put on some decadent toppings such as goat cheese, sweet potato, and smoked goose. They also offer other authentic Italian dishes such as melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi, a variety of seasonal pasta dishes, and creamy burrata cheese and tomato salad. For dessert? Try the heavenly tiramisu.

White City


Nearly always buzzing with a young, hip crowd, Magazzino serves up Italian comfort food at reasonable prices. The tabun (clay oven) is just as busy as the atmosphere with creative pizzas coming out at all times, from the classics to funky renditions like the chili cheese and gorgonzola or the spicy eggplant version.  A fun spot for cocktails and bites.

White City

The Green Cat

The Green Cat (Hatool HaYarok) opened in 2014 and was the first vegan pizza place in Israel. Offering thin-crust pizza with homemade cashew cheese, they bake each pizza to order, ensuring fresh hot pies every time. While the restaurant is meat-free, you'll barely notice with their selection of hearty toppings, such as artichoke, eggplant, and seitan. Even for non-vegans, this special pizzeria is known for serving up some of the best pizza you can get in Tel Aviv. And for dessert, definitely try their coconut-based malabi for the perfect finish to end your visit to vegan paradise.

White City

Pizza Linga

A family friendly establishment by day and a hip hang out by night, this Italian-style pizza parlour is more than just a place to get a great slice. Independent music on the record player and hand-picked Italian beer on tap is the perfect accompaniment to owner Uri’s thin crust handmade pizzas. Sit in the bar seating by the front window and people watch as you overlook the newly renovated Natanzon Street of downtown Haifa or opt to sit at the communal table and participate in the local conversations. Like an old school coffee house for the modern era of pizza-obsessed Israelis, this warm establishment is a bright spot in an already shining area.

The Lower City

Kiosko Pronto

This restaurant stall serves delicious Italian food featuring homemade pizzas and filling pastas. With delivery service and a fast food setting, the dishes manage to be made of the highest quality materials. With individual sized pizzas created with a unique blend of vegetables and a delicious thin crust you just can’t go wrong! Kiosko Pronto is not your average Italian kitchen, so prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the original creations. Described by guests as simple, fresh, and delicious, clearly it is a good choice to savor these amazing Italian delicacies.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa
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