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The best Japanese restaurants in Tel Aviv

Sushi in Israel? Is that even kosher? Tel Aviv has jumped on the Japanese bandwagon with some authentic Asian offerings

© Meital Salomon

We’ve already rounded up the best restaurants in Tel Aviv serving asian cuisine, we’ve even highlighted the best Thai Tel Aviv restaurants within those, but now, it’s time to get down to business with Tel Aviv’s best Japanese restaurants. Of course, that means sushi, and despite shellfish myths, the seaweed and rice wrapped delicacy is ever-so-common in the White City. Japanese fare isn’t all sushi though...we’ve also honed down on the best ramen shops in town (inside Sarona Market and Rothschild Allenby Market) for a complete sensory vacation to the Far East. Did somebody say sake bomb?

Where to get Tel Aviv's best Japanese cuisine



Fu prepares beautiful Japanese food at high standards coupled with a lively Tel Aviv neighborhood feel. Enjoy prestigious, detail-oriented sushi created beautifully in front of your eyes or dine on flavors from the wok. Whether you want a casual bite at the bar, a gorgeous Japanese dinner or a Tel Avivian evening of people-watching, everything can be found here.

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Old North


Following his success in Taizu and Miazaki, Chef Yuval Ben Neriah is determined to bring real Japanese street food to Tel Aviv. Ben Neriah defines his restaurant ‘Ya-Pan’ as his “interpretation of Japanese street food, where some of the products are close to the original and others rely on abstract ideas.” The food served at Ya-Pan presents a wide range of new flavors for the Israeli culinary scene, including Japanese curry udon, katsu Carry (Japanese schnitzel), Japanese meat or fish dishes served alongside well-known classical Japanese dishes or classical bistro dishes that were taken care of “Japanese-style." Take a break from the same old sushi and open up your minds to the endless possibilities Ya-Pan has to offer.

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White City


This restaurant in the Norman Hotel is part of the world-renowned Dinings restaurant (London) serving up a fusion of Japanese Izakaya-style small plates and European cuisine. Set on a stunning terrace, take in a panoramic view of Tel Aviv, as well as a view of the chef’s workings, with an incredible menu of sushi, bento boxes and nibbles that are wildly creative.

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White City


Thick cuts of sashimi, a heap of wakame and a host of deliciously cooked mains like salmon teryaki, grouper seared in sesame oil and accompanied by cherry tomatoes, asparagus and chili sauce, and various rice and ramen noodle bowls featuring fixins’ like bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, crushed ginger, dashi, tamago, panko crusted chicken breast, tempura veggies, scallops and more are all on the docket at Amama. For those who have wined, dined and broke the bank at TYO, Amama is the answer to satisfying your sushi cravings without going into minus. The street food concept offers a host of traditional Japanese staples married with fresh ingredients and a lively, yet casual atmosphere. Stationed in Ramat HaHayal’s financial district, Amama is a short jaunt from Tel Aviv, so if you’re chomping at the bit for some quality sushi at street food prices, this place can’t be beat.  

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa


Wining and dining at the famed Yakimono throws a spanner in the works. The conundrum? You’ll never want to eat at home again. While its walls may be small, Yakimono’s charm is hugely captivating, located just off the prestige of Hilton Hotel’s lobby. Seeing as though it’s such a special occasion every time Yakimono is featured in your evening, opt for the tasting menu with an array of Japanese dishes designed to appeal to the Asian cuisine enthusiast. Look out for the fish wasabi and loosen that tie a notch to keep Yakimono-ing. 

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Tel Aviv Beach 
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