Where to find a British bite inside Israel

These British pubs, markets, and fish & chips joints are fit for the Queen
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While the U.K. sees 4 seasons in a day and Israel sees 40 degrees in a day, the two places are not as far apart as they seem – they both deep-fry everything (although Israelis opt for vegetables like eggplant and chickpeas to pretend that they’re healthy), they both love their cafés (Israelis opt for coffee, Brits for tea), they both can appreciate a pint of beer (even if it is a watered down Goldstar), and they both believe that everything's better when wrapped in pastry. So for all those London expats, vacationers, or all-out enthusiasts, here’s a list of pubs, places, and restaurants in Israel to get a British bite.

The best places in Israel to find a taste of the U.K.

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Camden Pub aims to capture the spirit of the London pub scene and bring it to Israel. Dedicated to the spirit of jazz music, Camden has weekly live jazz shows to delight guests between endless pints of beer and fish and chips. They serve English beers, imported to give as authentic of an experience as possible, from London’s Wychwood Brewery. Paired with one of the many unique English culinary creations, guests will have a night out they won't forget. Come for the beer, stay for the fish and chips and jazz music.

Joseph 'N' Sons
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Joseph ‘N’ Sons

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

Who said fish and chips were solely a British thing? Joseph ‘N’ Sons is proof that your next meal doesn’t have to be complicated. Fried fish of all types meets crunchy 'chips' (that's 'French fries' for the North Americans) and beer for a finger licking foodgasm that'll have you begging for more. Just steps from Rabin square, this fish and chips joint is ideal for an evening out with friends. The vibe is hip and trendy and the fried fare is deliciously simple—sometimes, comfort food is all you need.

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Whiskey Bar & Museum

icon-location-pin Sarona

Whiskey Bar & Museum is a unique compound from among the biggest in the world. The impressive wall of whiskeys showcases over one thousand varieties of "water of life" from classic locations like Scotland and Ireland, to the most eclectic like Taiwan and Indian. All bottles in the museum are available for tasting and purchase. On top of the extensive collection, the Whiskey kitchen offers diverse dishes like smoked meats prepared in-house and fresh fish and vegetable entrées. Don't miss their alcohol-infused desserts that incorporate sweet notes of whiskey for a perfect finish.

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Casino San Remo

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Come and soak in the sun at this hip restaurant hangout. Casino is a vibrant intersection of delicious food, eclectic music, and eye-opening art. The unique décor is a mishmash of plants, gems, and a giant flamingo, all combining to create a true Jaffa vibe. For the crafty, there are knitting workshops, drawing lessons, and many other get-togethers. The menu is overflowing with freshly vibrant ingredients, juicy hamburgers, and much more. Don’t miss the freshly squeezed lemonade in Mason jars spiced with celery and cucumber.

Fish & Chips (jaffa port)
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Fish & Chips

icon-location-pin Jaffa Port

There’s no better place to eat freshly fried fish and chips than directly on the sea, looking out at the boats peacefully drifting by. At this little seafood shack, you can find perfectly cooked, crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside fish and chips cooked to order. Just go right up to the register inside where you order and pay, and then give the cooks the piece of paper with your order on it, wait for your name to be called, and chow down!

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icon-location-pin Old North

Agnes is a neighborhood bar favored among the locals for its wide selection of beers, tasty food, and welcoming atmosphere. It's british pub atmosphere will make any U.K. expat feel right at home. The happy hour specials are some of the best around, with 1+1 drinks from 17:00 to 20:00, and 1+1 on late-night burgers. Try the Elvis burger, with bacon, peanut butter, and bananas, the Midget, with mushrooms and cheese, or one of their many other delicious creations, including vegan options. The music isn’t too loud, making it one of the few spots in Tel Aviv with a noise level appropriate for having a conversation with friends over drinks.

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