Tel Aviv’s most hipster cafés

Because no coffee is strong enough to mingle with the mainstream

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We’ve already hooked you up with the most hipster bars in Tel Aviv, but those are night time ventures. What’s a hipster to do when they need caffeine to fuel their artistic minds? From quaint bookstores on King George that offer tea and a place to seek poetry inspiration to Florentin hangouts and centertown establishments with mismatched mugs (to keep up their hipster appearance), these 11 cafés welcome the beardiest of beard-sporters.

The best cafes in Tel Aviv for hipsters to hang


The Little Prince

The Little Prince is the perfect literature haven for bookworms. Great for olim, it offers a wide selection of books in Hebrew, Russian, French, and Spanish, as well as an entire room of English literature. With many eclectic, peculiar books, The Little Prince is great for those looking to stray from the typical bookstore selection. The prices are affordable, which has earned this shop a loyal customer base. Get comfortable with a cup of coffee or a glass of cold beer while you browse, or curl up in its dreamy atmosphere to read your latest selection.

Tel Aviv City Center


Cafelix is a beautifully designed cafe with expertly created coffees. From frothy cappuccinos to the steamy double-shot espresso, this spot is a hipster sipster’s favorite spot from morning to afternoon. Though the place is swarming with cuddly dogs, there’s still space to enjoy the superfast wifi and quality beans. The leader in the ever changing and evolving Tel Aviv coffee scene, Cafelix will fulfill your dire need for that first morning cup and cure your post-work sleepiness with an evening pick-me-up.  

Shuk Levinsky

Nehama Vahetzi

Just steps from the famous Rothschild Blvd, Nehama Vahetzi is a popular pick amongst the locals. With many vegan and vegetarian options, the cafe is always packed with Tel Aviv’s cutest and most stylish. While the dishes are not the cheapest, the beer is affordable and the experience is authentic. Plus, the cool vibes are free. With the perfect location, insane beet shakshuka, and breads baked in-house, Nehama Vahetzi is the place to sit, socialize, or just laptop lounge.

White City


Bucke is a trendy café with something for every mood. Enjoy the sunshine at the  outdoor bar, overlooking the streets, or chill out in the colorful-yet-cozy interior. Mismatched rustic furniture, sofas, chairs and vegetable-centered food make this place an everyday stop for relaxing. The food is healthy and plentiful—try the vegan shakshuka, bursting with vegetables, or opt for hearty sandwiches and buttery chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

White City

Tony & Esther

Shopping in the Levinski Market and suddenly feel the need for the perfect Saturday brunch? Then look no further. Renowned for their mouth-watering egg breakfasts and lentils salads, Tony and Esther will help you instantly relax after the hustle and bustle of the market. Whether you’re drinking coffee, beer, or fancy a full meal, this cute cafe will soon become your favorite spot to chill out and take a break from the energetic Tel Aviv lifestyle. Arriving later in the day? Fear not. Tony and Esther’s devoted staff will ensure that your afternoon snack or dinner is prepared with as much passion as their brunches. So whether you’re sitting outside on a sunny day, or inside on a rainy one, Tony and Esther will make you wonder why you don’t spend brunch out more often.

Shuk Levinsky

Beta and Grega

On the corner of Allenby and Levontin in one of the coolest parts of Tel Aviv is the coffee shop Beta and Grega. The cafe sits in a hip part of town, covered in graffiti and surrounded by trendy coffee shops and restaurants. This laid back spot is the perfect place to sit with friends, read a good book or get some sketching done. In addition to divine coffee, try the raspberry juice for a sweet and sour surprise. The menu is simple, but delicious, with options like cheese toasts, salads and more.  

White City
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