7 Israel camping sites to escape to this weekend

There’s only so much city life one can take...head on an adventure into the elements this Thursday and don’t look back

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Israel’s diverse landscape makes it a great place for any nature lover. From the sandy beaches to the colorful northern hills, down to the majestic Negev, there are many great places to sleep under the stars. Whether you want the ocean to lull you to sleep or a freshwater river to jump into in the morning, Israel’s camping destinations are as varied as they are gorgeous. This summer, fill a cooler with some beers and munchies (and a little something to inspire the munchies), borrow a tent, grab your friends, and take a trip to one of these hot camping destinations.

7 authentic Israel camping grounds


Be’erot Campground

Be’erot Campground is the only accommodation located inside the Ramon Crater - the “Grand Canyon” of Israel. The breathtaking views of the crater are complemented by the quiet of the campground, and lack of light pollution. Spend the daytime hiking in the desert, and at night, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and lay back beneath a canopy of stars safe from the chilly desert air. Located just a short drive from Mitzpe Ramon, Be’erot Campground is close to attractions such as camel tours, rappelling, and jeep tours.


Yarkon National Park

Located close to Tel Aviv, Yarkon National Park is a convenient woodland getaway for those living in the center. With access to Yarkon River for boating and kayaking, colorful gardens, hiking, bike trails, and one of Israel’s largest water parks, in addition to other outdoor experiences, it’s great fun for the whole family. Its lush greenery and refreshing river will surprise you, considering Yarkon National Park’s proximity to bustling Tel Aviv.


Dor Ha’Bonim Beach

For those who have trouble leaving the beach at night, Dor Ha’Bonim is the spot to camp. One of the few beaches in Israel that allow for camping, this scenic spot just south of Haifa will lull you to sleep with the calming sound of waves. Whether you’re bringing a tent or just sleeping on the sand under the stars, it’s an ocean-lover’s paradise. Perfect for families, groups of friends or a romantic weekend away with that special someone, with majestic views of the sunrise and sunset.


Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Just thirty minutes North of Eilat is Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve. Drive through the beautiful scenery to see endangered biblical animals, which are nurtured at Yotvata Hai-Bar until they are ready to be released into the wild. Here you will find ostriches, Arabian oryx, African wild asses, addaxes (white antelope) and more rare species. Rent a CD tour, which describes the animals that live at the reserve. The tour ends with a visit to the Night Life room and predator centre, where leopards, wolves, caracals and snakes make their home. A camping area is available by reservation.


Sussita Beach

Sussita Beach Campground is located across the lake from Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. A quiet, shaded haven, eucalyptus trees line the campsite, providing plenty of shade and therapeutic qualities. As there are no numbered camp spots and no reservations necessary, Sussita Beach is a great place to go for a last-minute adventure. Spend the days lounging in the sun and getting wet in the Galilee. At night, relax around a fire and enjoy the sounds of nature. Located close to the Ein Gev Harbor, there are plenty of attractions in the area for those craving a bit of excitement.

Sea of Galilee

Gofra Beach

Gofra beach on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee is one of Israel’s most popular beach camping sites. It’s replete with eucalyptus trees so there’s plenty of shade for your tents. For those who want a camping experience with a little more comfort, you can opt for an upgraded area in which you get a fridge, a lighted area you control, and picnic tables among other amenities. 

Sea of Galilee

Yehiam Fortress

Located on the grounds of Kibbutz Yehiam, 20 minutes east of Nahariya, are the ruins of a fortress from the Crusader period. Camping at Yehiam Fortress allows guests to sleep under the stars and commune with nature, while experiencing a piece of history. The fortress grounds include a mosque, watch tower, and assembly hall, restored to tell the story of the battles that took place here. Yehiam Fortress has a beautiful view of the Galilee, and is located along the Israel National Trail, making it a popular spot for backpackers.

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