Fall Events - Jerusalem Guide

The performances, exhibitions and festivals you must not miss

Window Stories © Daniel Hanoch
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Fall Events - Jerusalem Guide

Mekudeshet Festival © Noam Chojnowski

Mekudeshet Festival

Mekudeshet (sacred) Festival returns with a series of original productions, all edgy, bold and present a new voice, a creative voice; coming out from the world's most complex and challenging city. For three weeks, new and surprising musical and artistic connections will be created, trying to show a different and thriving reality in Jerusalem. When: 4-21 September.

Mikhail Zaikov, Maria, Russia

Art & Dolls Expo

The international Art & Dolls Expo will be held in Jerusalem for the first time, and will feature dozens of spectacular works by leading puppeteers from Eastern Europe, the US and Israel. When: 5-15 September

Window Stories © Daniel Hanoch

Window Stories

icon-location-pin HaMenora Garden, Governmental Campus

An English wooden window alongside an Armenian hatch, an Ottoman decoration next to Christian engravings and a Star of David frame pinned to an Arabic arch – 550 windows from all over Jerusalem in many shapes and from all periods.

The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra © Rustam Baeramov

The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra plays music in periodical instruments, and using techniques and performance methods to suit. The orchestra has a new fall concerts that will make you wish to you could dive back in time. When: September-December

Agnon House © Baruch Gian

Agnon House

Agnon House celebrates 80 years for the publication of the book “A guest for the night”; one of Agnon’s best works and one of the top literary works in the Hebrew language in general. When: September-October

Shvil Hatzukim © Guy Yitzhaki
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The Annual Open Houses Festival Returns to Jerusalem

The Open Houses event returns to Jerusalem with dozens of welcoming houses, architectural gems and special events The project, already a tradition, is high on the list of the most intriguing and fascinating events in the city. As it is every year, the event has an exciting eclectic program that includes rare visits and tours of buildings that have never been opened to the general public. When: October 31 through November 2.

Kammerchor Stuttgart © Jens Meister
Music, Music festivals

Abu Ghosh Festival

icon-location-pin Abu Ghosh, Abu Gosh

For 28 years now, vocal music lovers have been making pilgrimages to Kiryat Yearim in Sukkot and Shavuot, to take pleasure in the wonderful sounds and special atmosphere of the picturesque villages of the Jerusalem Mountains.

Two hundred Jerusalem stories © Yaal Herman

Old Yishuv Court Museum

The Old Yishuv Court Museum, located in the Jewish Quarter, opens fall season with an exhibition called “From Crisis to Revival – The Story of the Old City Evacuees”, which tells the story of the residents and fighters of the residents of the Jewish Quarter in 1947. When: October-November 

Abraham Hostel

Abraham Hostel

The Jerusalem hostel has long since stopped being only a hostel, and is a lively meeting place for locals and tourists with lots of parties, shows and special events. Fall festivities at the hostel will open with a huge party to end the summer on the roof of the building (October 3), with a show by the house band, BBQ and treats. Also on the program: Flamenco Nights (October 24), a huge show with dancers and musicians from Spain and Israel; a crazy Halloween party with the house DJ in a scary set, green cocktails, costumes, witches and other monsters; market disco (November 15) with Chef Nadav Malin, who will be coming to the hostel as part of an open-air restaurant festival for an event that is all about Slow Food and luxurious brunch with loads of gourmet options.

When: October-November Where: 67 Hanevi’im, Details: www.facebook.com/Abraham.Hostels

Piano Festival © Shutterstock

Piano Festival

Jerusalem Theater celebrates the fall with four days of classical, jazz and world music in a festival that centers almost exclusively on the piano, in various styles and modes of expression. The festival has been held for its seventh consecutive year and will be dedicated to the Polish composer Frederick Chopin and his piano works. The program will also include piano concerts by Chopin, most of his works for piano and orchestra, as well as concerts by other Polish composers. Performers will include pianists from Israel and the world, orchestras from Israel and Poland, and a piano trio focusing on the interface between classical music, jazz, groove and folklore.

When: November 13-16 Where: 20 David Marcus Details: www.jerusalem-theatre.co.il

Itai Ben-Nun © Shira Abulafia

International Oud Festival

The International Oud Festival returns to Jerusalem with a rich and varied repertoire that combines Arabic music with world music from Andalusia, Armenia, Kurdistan and Israel. The festival celebrates 20 years, and the shows feature cross-border musical traditions and cultures from countries from North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, which enrich each other and hold fascinating interactions. As in every year, the festival will host international and Israeli artists, who create with love and passion for the ancient musical instruments and the authentic and traditional sounds. Participants include: Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Brian Keane in an exciting opening performance, the Madrasa Ensemble, Ara Dinkijian and Borju Yildiz with a performance of Armenian songs, singer Ilana Elia in a new show “Love in Pleasure”, and the Divan Saez Ensemble in a show dedicated to Turkish-Sufi soul music.

When: November 21-30, Where: In the halls around the city Details: *6226

Leonardo Da Vinci art © Shutterstock
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Upcoming Exhibits at the Jerusalem Science Museum

An exhibition for the whole family to mark the 500thanniversary of the passing of the artist and Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci, a Renaissance Costume Parade, Jerusalem's Mini Maker Fair, and more...

Holidays of Tishrei © Shutterstock

Holidays of Tishrei

Towards Rosh Hashana, Jerusalem enters its holidays’ mode, and invites residents and guests to a captivating and enchanting spiritual Jewish experience. The autumnal weather, the festive atmosphere, the traditional throw-in on the first day of the holiday and the abundance of activities and entertainment options all make the city the best place to be during Tishrei holidays.

Jerusalem © Shutterstock


The month of Slichot in Jerusalem is a fascinating and powerful experience that begins on the first day of Elul, makes its peak with the Yamim Noraim (High Holy Days) and ends on Yom Kippur. During the month, Jerusalem comes alive in the wee hours of the night with prayer sounds emitting from the synagogues, and a sacred atmosphere envelops the city. The cool autumn nights of September that begin with the period of forgiveness are a great opportunity to go on nightly prayers and tours and stroll through the alleys, inner courtyards and night bakeries in magical Jerusalem neighborhoods such as Nahlaot, Mishkanot Shaananim, the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, and of course, the Old City, the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall.

When: September 1-28, Where: around the city Details: www.itraveljerusalem.com/en

Sukkut © Shutterstock

Sukkut and Simchat Torah

During this time, there are festivals at every corner, music and theater shows, colorful parades, priests' blessings in front of tens of thousands at the Western Wall, activities for the whole family in museums, heritage sites and in communal sukkahs with an atmosphere of one big party. When it’s Sukkot in Jerusalem, it seems like the entire country has made a pilgrimage. What to do? Tour the thousands of decorated sukkahs in the Jewish Quarter, and in the ultra-Orthodox and Nachlaot neighborhoods. Visit the four-species market, join the marchers in the Jerusalem march, spend time with the children on Ammunition Hill, the Science Museum, the Israel Museum and the Jewish Quarter sites, and enjoy the special energies that can only be found in Jerusalem. On the second holiday evening, you can join the masses of dancers celebrating Simchat Torah in the synagogues, the Western Wall and in many places throughout the city. 

When: October 13-20 Where: around the city Details: www.itraveljerusalem.com/en

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