Solo in the city: 8 ways to spend much-needed ‘you’ time in the city

From soaking in a boozy bath to breaking a sweat, here are the best places in Tel Aviv to put yourself first and truly unwind
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By Lior Pesso |

“Oh, I love spending time alone!”, said literally every person we talked to about this article. “Wait, but do you scroll through Instagram while you’re enjoying your so-called quality solo time? “Erm, erm…” – yeah, we thought so.

We know that sitting in a Tel Aviv restaurant or café alone "people watching" sounds so 1998 - but pull an oldie-but-goodie Nike cliché and “Just Do It”! Here are a few things to do by yourself in the city.

Where to spend time with me, myself & I in Tel Aviv


Try “the solo coffee challenge”

Drinking coffee alone is no big deal, it’s when we put away our phones and laptops that our insecurities rear their ugly head. Once a week, challenge yourself to the “solo coffee challenge” where you sip in total peace – no distractions allowed.

Great cafes for solo drinking:
Bookworm, Anastasia Café, The Streets, Shmanmonet café, NOLA American Bakery, The Little Prince, Bucke.

Tel Aviv Promenade
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Take a walk and listen to binaural beats on YouTube

Ever notice how easily you space out when people talk? Yup, hectic city life will do that to ya! Time to rejuvenate the mind by listening to binaural beats – an auditory illusion that our brains perceive when two different sound frequencies are presented to our different ears at the same time. Both frequencies mesh and create a third signal – the binaural beat. This compels the brain to oscillate at the same as the beat, which calms us down and allows us to think more clearly.

Hair salon
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Health and beauty

Treat yo’ self

Whether it’s a DIY facial, boozy bath, mani-pedi sesh or a full spa day – pampering is probably the poshest way to hang out with yourself.

Broke? Try these DIY face masks

Revitalizing mask: Mix 1 teaspoon plain yogurt with the juice from 1/4 slice of orange, some of the orange pulp, and 1 teaspoon aloe. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

Moisturizing mask: Mash one half of a banana and mix in 1 tablespoon of orange juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse.

The Tel Aviv coastline
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Head to the beach

Take advantage of Tel-Aviv’s many beaches and head on down there about half an hour before the sun sets. Daydream, think and observe in total peace while watching the sky turn pink.

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Table for one, please

Hit up one of your favorite restaurants alone, sit at the bar and get lost in your internal monologue (or chat up the cute bartender?). You know how they say that when one of your senses goes away, others grow stronger? If you treat yourself to a solo meal, your sense of taste will explode! Your brain isn’t busy socializing - it’s directing its full attention to the carbs on your plate and that is A-OKAY with us.

Where to eat alone in the city if:

You want to talk to people: Susu and Sons, Port Saaid, Café Habima, Java, Ouzeria

You want people to leave you alone: Nechama Vahetzi, Brasserie, Cafe Tachtit, Café Noir, Thai House

Gordon Gallery
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Hit up a gallery or a museum

Be honest – when was the last time you soaked in a little culture? Treat yourself to a night at the ballet and watch "PIAF" by The Israel Ballet at The Opera House, visit a cool exhibit like “Tattoos – The Human Body as a Work of Art” at Eretz Israel Museum, or check out “The 48 Hour Film Project” at the Cinematheque.

Carmel Market
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Visit Shuk HaCarmel and start cookin’

Stroll Shuk HaCarmel at your own pace (without having to worry about losing your friends in the crowd) and buy the freshest vegetables and ingredients to prepare that one meal you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to.

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Things to do

Break a sweat

Working out alone is the ultimate ‘you’ time! Think about it: It’s you, your body, your mind, your sweat – nothing else matters.

On a budget? Check out Freelates – A digital (and affordable) Pilates class.

Not afraid to sweat? Try a hot yoga class at Sol Studio.

Feeling frisky? Try a pole dancing class at Studio Xplace.

Want to feel like a kid? Try a trampoline fitness class at Yaffa Iftach Studio

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