Your ultimate Tel Aviv yoga guide

Rock on with your warrior pose on
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By Keren Brown |

Israel’s yoga scene is constantly evolving with new styles every day. Ranging from Vinyasa Yoga, with the Tel Aviv beach strip as your backdrop, to yoga on paddleboards, as well as intimate yoga studios and places to meet bendy friends, grab your gear and get stretching - here is your local guide to yoga based on style and personality. 

A yogi's guide to Tel Aviv

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Style: Ashtanga Yoga - Personality: Craving Challenges

This popular sweat-inducing and high-intensity yoga was popularized by the teaching of K. Pattabhi Jois in the 20th century.  This sequence is the same each time, giving the yogi the chance to become familiar with the patterns and movements while building up the strength to become agile and perform some of the hardest poses like handstands and inversions. Try it at Chandra, one of the most adorable and friendly little studios in the city, located just near Bazel Street. Also at Chandra, we love Yael Neumann’s Vinyasa classes.

4 Ashtori HaFarhi St, Tel Aviv 

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Style: Bikram Yoga - Personality: Sweat-lover

If you like the heat, this style is made for you! The room is heated so that your muscles are more flexible and also allow you to burn more calories. Typically Bikram Yoga classes run for 90 minutes and consist of the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Check it out at Tel Aviv’s Bikram Yoga. At this hot spot, they also have hot pilates and hot ashtanga, complete with showers so you can return to work cool and comfortable.

Bikram Yoga, 14 Carlebach St, second floor, Tel Aviv

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Style: Iyengar Yoga - Personality: Ready to learn

Inspired by B.K.S Iyengar, this yoga style focuses on really finding the best poses for you by using props like blocks, straps, and blankets to achieve the healthiest pose for your body. You will get the best stretches out of Iyengar yoga while making a strong connection between your mind and breath. Find it at Studio Naim, one of the most popular yoga studios in the city, with six locations in Tel Aviv and over 300 types of classes, including dance classes too. Ask about the NIS 10 community classes that happen twice a week.

Multiple locations across Tel Aviv, members can visit any location. (03-5188998/

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Style: SUP Yoga - Personality: Beach Babe

SUP yoga is ideal for those who want to revel in the endless Israeli summer and get stretchy on the beach, while challenging their balance. Use your core to stabilize yourself on a paddleboard in the cool water while you hold the poses with the sun stroking your face. Even if you lose your balance in SUP, the water will be there to break your fall.  Get uber fit on the water at Lake TLV.

16 Biranit St, Menachem Begin Park, Tel Aviv 

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Style: Yin Yoga - Personality: Relaxed

Yin is basically the opposite of getting a yoga workout. The focus is not on flexing your muscles, but rather relaxing them, since our crazy active everyday lives never truly let us relax. This passive form of yoga is all about stretching and holding each pose for at least five minutes, giving your nervous system a chance to relax with work on the fascia, the body’s connective tissue. Get your Yin on with Noga Weiss Hariyanto, an instructor who made her way back to Israel after living and learning in Bali. You can find her classes at Studio Naim’s Jaffa location on Monday evenings at 6 pm (75 minutes) or at the Ben Yehuda location. 

Multiple locations in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.  

Ella Yoga
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Style: Vinyasa Yoga - Personality: Active

Get into the flow of yoga with this style that flows gracefully as you connect each movement with your breath. Try it out at Ella Yoga, located at the stunning Tel Aviv Port, this is a place where you can watch the sunrise and sunset as you exhale your way to yoga bliss. You’ll also find other styles like baby yoga, mommy and me, and the most amazing Iyengar classes with Nancy Gardosh, nationally-known as one of the best teachers in her profession.

Tel Aviv Port, Building 4, Tel Aviv


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