The Israeli wine list

Floral notes in the north, cab sauvs in the south. Treat your palate to refined wines at the country's best wineries with our Israeli wine list

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At the same time as Israel’s culinary scene continues to thrive, the fruit of the vine goes big-time as Israeli wine continues to rack up international acclaim. Today, more than 200 local wineries are producing an impressive selection of varietals, from deep down in the Negev to way up in the Golan Heights. Come for the wining, stay for the dining at one of Golan Height’s top restaurants, farms and vineyards. Below, you'll find a few of the most notable producers, divided by region.

Divine Israeli wine

Maor Winery
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Maor Winery

icon-location-pin Sea of Galilee

Nestled in Kibbutz Ein-gev, Ramat Hagolan, this family owned winery prides itself off quality and soul. With a first harvest in 2003, their acclaimed Maor Cabernet Savignon 2003 hit the pages of many wine magazine, and the hearts of many wine lovers. Danny Maor, the man behind this boutique winery in the Golan Heights is not only a winemaker, but a pilot too. While its one of Israel’s youngest wineries, it’s future has never looked brighter.  

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