The most spectacular places to see the sunset in Israel

These showstopping sunset viewing spots are worth planning ahead to visit

By Jennifer Greenberg
Masada Fortress © Shutterstock

While sunsets on the Tel Aviv beach strip are all the instagram rave, the scenic phenomenon is an Israel-wide attraction. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it isn’t worth a thousand experiences. Watching day fade to night is a perfect thing to do in Israel before heading out to a romantic rooftop restaurant in Jerusalem or picking up falafel on Frishman before hitting the Tel Aviv nightlife scene. From the Negev to Haifa to Mount Hermon, check your weather apps and plan accordingly because we’ve rounded up the best places in the Holy Land to witness Mother Nature’s indescribably breathtaking beauty.

The best spots to watch the sunset in Israel

Mitzpe Ramon © Shutterstock
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On a crater's edge

icon-location-pin Mitzpe Ramon

After a long day of hiking in Mitzpe Ramon, there's nothing like catching the unbeatable sunset at the camel lookout before camping out under the stars.

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On a beach

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv Beach 

While every beach in Tel Aviv offers a great sunset experience, Gordon Beach in particular is especially mesmerizing. Let the soothing drones of matkot paddles lull you to into a trance as you watch the sun disappear into the Mediterranean.

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In the sky

icon-location-pin Park  HaYarkon

Carrying up to 30 people per ride, this massive helium-filled balloon provides a 360 degree view of Tel Aviv, day or night. Located in the beautiful Yarkon Park, Hot Air Balloon Tel Aviv offers sunset expeditions that allow you to catch the sunset both figuratively and nearly literally.

Akko Marina
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On a boat

icon-location-pin Acre

We couldn't help ourselves. But also, there's nothing better than walking through history as you stroll down the quaint, tranquil fishing harbor lined with old fishing boats, and enjoy a breathtaking view of Akko’s old city as day turns to night.

Sea of Galilee © Shutterstock
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By the sea...

icon-location-pin Sea of Galilee

...well, actually a lake, but still. Known for its historic and biblical importance in Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the Sea (actually a lake) of Galilee is one of Israel's most famous and beautiful attractions. Surrounded by mountains and hills, it is a perfect area for hiking and taking in the panoramic views of the Kinneret, especially during sunset.

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Amongst ancient ruins

icon-location-pin Herzliya

With upgraded walking paths and stunning coastal cliff views, Apollonia National Park is a perfect escape for a sunset stroll away from Tel Aviv.

Nimrod Fortress
@Erez_Ashkenazi_art_ photography
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In a fortress

icon-location-pin Golan Hights

Nimrod Fortress, at the foot of Mount Hermon, is the largest castle remaining in Israel from the Middle Ages. It offeres a beautiful view of the Golan Heights and Syria, especially in the evening where you can enjoy the sunset from one of the stunning observation points.

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