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Things to do in Israel next month

Let go of the “FOMO.” Plan ahead for the wildest events in Israel coming up next month with our early bird list

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Save the date! There are tons of big events on the calendar next month. It’s time to mark them down, purchase tickets, and let the anticipation swell over you while waiting for theatre performances, comedy festivals, and concerts to come to town, and new museum exhibits, designer boutiques, and restaurants to open their doors. After tackling the top attractions in the Holy Land, it’s time for some good ole’ fashion entertainment. You deserve the break and you’re bound to save on early bird specials and presale tickets.

What's on next month


Tattoos: The human body as a work of art

The worldwide culture of tattooing is currently enjoying a renewed historical examination; in the wake of modernization and globalization processes a new global social approach is developing which adopts the art of tattooing and recognizes its importance and uniqueness. The exhibition deals with the history of the art of tattoo and presents the diverse contemporary artistic styles in Israel and abroad. The exhibit devotes a large section to contemporary tattoo art and to the Israeli tattoo community, as it is captured in the lens of Kaakooa Project, alongside works of additional artists and photographers in Israel and abroad.  

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Eretz Israel Museum , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Until Monday May 1 2017

Ronen Sharabani: Snap to Grid

Sharabani’s new work, which he calls a “Smart Exhibition,” is comprised of imagery projections against a very large wall at the museum and includes computer renderings and 3D environments which are also be translated to VR. The name of the exhibition comes from the computer command that sorts digital icons and allows the artist to create chaotic simulations. Clicking on the button creates a new structural order which is the basis of his creation. The magical digital button is the dream of every person who strives for order, simple solutions, and an external intervention that will organize the chaos.  

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The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art , Neve Tzedek Until Monday May 1 2017


The weekly blues jam at the King George establishment, Bootleg, is BYOB: bring your own band, but no need to 'bring your own booze'. The top blues jam in Tel Aviv continues to live up to its reputation, Sunday after Sunday. Bootleg is a great place to enjoy muddy waters and all you can drink booze at the beginning of the work week, while listening to the Blues&Booz House band. Make sure to sign up for the jam that follows by messaging the Blues&Booz facebook page or at the actual jam itself until 00:30 once you've built up enough liquid confidence to test out those new riffs on a twelve-bar blues .

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Bootleg , Tel Aviv City Center Sunday February 26 2017 - Sunday April 23 2017

The wandering troubadour

Bob Dylan is a man of many layers. Throughout his life, he has taken on many personas: folk singer, rock star, radio personality, lover, family man, Jew, poet, painter, legend. Peeling away at those layers reveals the true depth of his personas. Here lies the mission of Amitai Achiman and Asaf Galay, exhibition curators of Forever Young – Bob Dylan at 75.

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By: Jennifer Greenberg

Jazz @ The Submarine

After an extended hiatus, the Yellow Submarine has re-welcomed their famous weekly free Jazz show. Every Wednesday, the best musicians from Israel and abroad come to Jerusalem's No. 1 Jazz club for an exciting performance...and it's free! Come enjoy this year's lineup of young promising talents, world music groups, guest ensembles and the best of Israeli Jazz. With names like Yogev Shitrit, Mosaico, Rotem Sivan and more, we challenge you to find a reason not to swing by the Yellow Submarine this Wednesday.  

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Yellow Submarine , Jerusalem Wednesday February 22 2017 - Wednesday April 26 2017

Tuesday Jazz in Space

On top of being a funky underground bar off of the beaten – Carmel Market – path, every Tuesday, The Space is transforming into an out-of-this-world Jazz club. Witness Gil Livni jam out on his guitar alongside Amit Friedman on the sax, or sip mojitos and enjoy the Brazilian beats made by Salit Lahav on the flute and Oded Aloni on pandero. Each week brings a new understanding to the word 'jazz', from contemporary to bebop to the indefinable. Enjoy some midweek musoc to get you through to Thursday – because after a night of delicious drinks at dirt cheap prices, you may miss Wednesday all together. 

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The Space , Shuk  HaCarmel Tuesday February 21 2017 - Tuesday April 4 2017

Overview – eyeglasses

From December 20 until the end of April, the Design Museum Holon shifts the spotlight to an object that we are all familiar with and most of us encounter at some point in our daily lives: eyeglasses. The essential accessory is one of the most important inventions in human history. Throughout its evolution, though function has remained stable, eyeglasses have taken on thousands of different shapes, forms, sizes, and styles. “Overview” borrows 400 rare items from esteemed collector Claude Samuel to examine in detail the changes from different perspectives: cultural, fashion, medical, scientific, material, technological, and so forth in Israel’s most fashionable museum. 

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Until Sat Apr 29

TWO: Nacho Duato, shared evening with Tamir Ginz

This March, the Spanish modern ballet dancer and choreographer Juan Ignacio Duato Bárcia (commonly known as Nacho Duato) is pairing up with Tamir Ginz of the KAMEA dance company for a double-header evening of mesmerizing movement.  First, Duato's Gnawa: a sensual piece that pays homage to the choreographer's love of the Mediterranean region where he spent his childhood. Duato's spiritual piece will be followed by a world premier by Ginz called Cleared for Love, a sensual piece that explores relationships through an intimate perspective as the dancers engage in a search for purity of emotion.  

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Suzanne Dellal Center , Neve Tzedek Wednesday March 22 2017

Francisco Goya

Considered one of the fathers of modern art, the Spanish master Francisco Goya has found his way into the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The artist focuses on the contrasting roles of night and day—nighttime calls for monsters that threaten to engulf the world, until dawn breaks and banishes them. The exhibition features ten of his oil paintings, including “The Parasol,” “Flight of Witches,” and “The Straw Manikin” which have traveled far and wide from the Prado Museum in Madrid. Also on display are etchings from various stages of his artistic life. The exhibition marks thirty years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Spain.

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The Israel Museum , Neve Sha'anan Until Tuesday April 18 2017

Tommy Hartung : Lilith

Hartung explores the potential of the moving image. He deconstructs and analyzes cultural narratives through collage, assemblage and cinematic tricks. Hartung’s main motivation in this series is his interest in demons, which represent a self-contradiction and a dimorphic appearance. Lilith is one of these characters, as she plays many different roles: in the sages of the Mishna and the Talmud and in the Zohar she is described as a demon, and according to late Jewish mythology she is Adam’s first wife. Today, many see her as a feminist symbol.  

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Braverman Gallery , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Tuesday February 21 2017 - Tuesday March 21 2017
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