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Things to do in Israel next month

Let go of the “FOMO.” Plan ahead for the wildest events in Israel coming up next month with our early bird list

© Omri Itamar

Save the date! There are tons of big events on the calendar next month. It’s time to mark them down, purchase tickets, and let the anticipation swell over you while waiting for theatre performances, comedy festivals, and concerts to come to town, and new museum exhibits, designer boutiques, and restaurants to open their doors. After tackling the top attractions in the Holy Land, it’s time for some good ole’ fashion entertainment. You deserve the break and you’re bound to save on early bird specials and presale tickets.

What's on next month


Holon Theater's Women's Festival

The Holon Theater is shining the spotlight on female artists and performers to highlight their creative assets within the Israeli art world

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By: Time Out Israel Editors

“Je T’aime, Ronit Elkabetz”

The late actress and director Ronit Elkabetz was both a cultural and a fashion icon. A new exhibit showcases her powerful personality and style.

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By: Time Out Israel Writers

Tuesday Jazz in Space

On top of being a funky underground bar off of the beaten – Carmel Market – path, every Tuesday, The Space is transforming into an out-of-this-world Jazz club. Witness Gil Livni jam out on his guitar alongside Amit Friedman on the sax, or sip mojitos and enjoy the Brazilian beats made by Salit Lahav on the flute and Oded Aloni on pandero. Each week brings a new understanding to the word 'jazz', from contemporary to bebop to the indefinable. Enjoy some midweek music to get you through to Thursday – because after a night of delicious drinks at dirt cheap prices, you may miss Wednesday all together. 

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The Space , Shuk  HaCarmel Monday February 26 2018


You won't find a meat counter or a frozen foods section in this supermarket. What you will find, however, is an extensive selection from Israel's top fashion, accessory, and shoe designers – at discounted prices, too! "Supermarket" is a unique fashion fair housed inside Jaffa Port's spacious Warehouse 2. The event will showcase the current and previous collections by 65 local designers (with previous collections priced at 50% off). This will be the fair's sophomore year thanks to the founders of the ever-so-popular "Shoofuni" shoe fair, quickly making a name for themselves and this kind of platform. This particular event also serves as a platform for those local designers who may not always have a place to showcase their collections, thus creating a mini-outlet of sorts. Among the brands participating brands: Comme Il Faut, MIZO, GUSTA, Two Tone, ABRAMEY, Little Street, Stella and Lori, little street, Magpie Goose, Northern Star, YAEL ADMONI, Petit Wild, GARTENBANK, Bottega bash, Brant , Chuchu Diamond, EMY, First Apparel, Fyge, Hellosunshine, and KUMI. "Supermarket" will be open for shoppers from Thursday, March 8th until Saturday, March 10th. While Israelis are accustomed to running late, you'll want to show up early because every purchase made on opening day (Thursday) will receive a 15% discount voucher for that designer's new collection.

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Warehouse 2 (Mahsan 2) , Jaffa Port Thursday March 8 2018 - Saturday March 10 2018

One. One & One

Brought to you by the brilliant mind of renowned choreographer Noa Wertheim (whose internationally famous dance group, The Vertigo Dance Company, has performed nineteen dance shows to date), One. One & One is a masterful dance act that addresses themes as diverse as each person’s yearning for unity, the influence of separation on human space, existentialism and spirituality. Created to celebrate 25 years of ‘The Vertigo Dance Company,’ the show is also a sensory experience, as over the course of this exhilarating performance, the dancers cover the stage with soil.  With powerful and compelling music composed by Avi Balali, One. One & One experiments with visual performance, sounds and smells that actually challenges the viewer’s own imagination. Out of all the shows you may find yourself watching this week, this will be one of the ones leaving the audience's interpretation most divided.

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Ashdod Art Museum , Ashdod Monday March 5 2018 - Wednesday May 9 2018

International Jerusalem Winner Marathon

With courses selected specially to recount Jerusalem’s complex narrative, this historically rich race challenges both the body and the mind. Now in its 7th season, the annual event will include several tracks, from a full marathon for elite runners to 5 and 10ks, to an 800 m community race. Join the 30,000 post-Purim participants this spring.

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Mahane Yehuda Market , Machne Yehuda Friday March 9 2018


Trying to put theAngelcy in a box in terms of musical genre is extremely difficult. Though some may call them folk, they have created a sound unique to anything you've ever heard. Perhaps it's due to their choice in instruments: a double bass, a clarinet, a viola and two drummers (on a single drum kit), plus their bizarrely beautiful voices of course. With unusual patterns and arrangements, and even stranger themes, you won't know whether to clap or feel existential angst. Either way, you'll find yourself buying their newest albums and following them to their next gig.

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Barby , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Friday March 9 2018

Don Carlo

Don Carlo takes a classic character – in this case, Carlos, Prince of Asturias – and follows the historical events of his life which seem to be steeped in simplicity, yet become more and more complicated with time. Carlos was to marry Elizabeth of Valois, yet she was wed to his father instead, offering a wealth of dramatic tension between father and son for this opera.

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The Israeli Opera House , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Friday March 9 2018 - Friday March 23 2018

Berry Sakharof

The Turkish born, Israeli bred star Berry Sakharof began his rise to fame at the age of sixteen performing in Israeli rock clubs as a member of Cosmic Dream. Following his army service, he reached international acclaim as a founding member of the Belgium based post-punk band Minimal Compact. Known for his fusion of Middle Eastern sound with classic rock, the aptly titled “prince of Israeli rock” performed alongside notable artists and produced popular solo albums from the 80’s on, including titles such as The Other and 11 Aleph. For fans of all generations, this upcoming performance promises to be the celebration of an Israeli music giant.

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Gesher Theater , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Wednesday March 14 2018
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