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Things to do in Israel next month

Let go of the “FOMO.” Plan ahead for the wildest events in Israel coming up next month with our early bird list

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Save the date! There are tons of big events on the calendar next month. It’s time to mark them down, purchase tickets, and let the anticipation swell over you while waiting for theatre performances, comedy festivals, and concerts to come to town, and new museum exhibits, designer boutiques, and restaurants to open their doors. After tackling the top attractions in the Holy Land, it’s time for some good ole’ fashion entertainment. You deserve the break and you’re bound to save on early bird specials and presale tickets.

What's on next month



With death as the hidden message, choreographer Tamir Ginz shines a new light on the classic children's tale about not wanting to grow up. The dance performance captures all of the dreamy qualities that encompass the fantastic world of Neverland, a world 'built on destruction'. With original music by Avi Belleli, the Kamea Dance Company is mesmerizing from the minute the show begins to the very last second. 

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Haifa Auditorium , Hadar-Carmel‏ Thursday May 11 2017

The 15th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition

The 15th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition came to fruition in 1974, at the initiative of Yaakov Bistritzky, after Rubinstein agreed to lend his name to the competition. Since then, every year, the piano competition has grown bigger and bigger. This year hosts 32 competitors from 16 different countries, including Israel, China, Russia, Georgia, South Korea and more. Let the soothing solo piano recitals of the first round win you over or get immersed in the chamber music, classical concertos and 'grand' concertos that make up the finals. Fall in love with ebony and ivory this spring.  

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Until Thursday May 11 2017

Justin Bieber

The Canadian teen sensation is traveling far and wide to perform in Tel Aviv this May. With the summer heat kicking in, Bieber is booked to return to the Holy Land after a six year hiatus from the Middle East scene. Awarded Artist of the Year in both 2010 and 2012, Bieber is best known for songs like "U Smile," "Baby," and "Sorry." Get your tickets fast before they sell out.

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Park HaYarkon , Park  HaYarkon Wednesday May 3 2017

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

With the 150th anniversary of Canada right around the corner, Toronto-born conductor Peter Oundjian thought of no better way to celebrate than a Europe-wide tour and a stopover in Israel. Oundjian has a special bond with Israel, his mentor being Israeli-America violinist Itzhak Perlman. "I'm excited about the entire experience of sharing music with our friends in Israel and witnessing the excitement for so many of the members of the TSO who have never visited," Oundjian shares. The conductor promises great surprises for Israeli audiences as well.

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Sherover Theatre , Talbiya Thursday May 11 2017 - Saturday May 13 2017

Old Objects, New Artworks

Something old, something new – 12 artists and designers from a range of disciplines have taken objects from the permanent exhibition at Jerusalem's Museum for Islamic Art and reinterpreted them into their own creations. The final product illustrates the weighted history woven through these objects, their story and how their existence shapes our identity.

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The Museum for Islamic Art , Talbiya Thursday May 11 2017 - Thursday November 30 2017


Mamootot, the dance performance by Ohad Naharin that helped consolidate the language of Gaga, has been updated yet again with an entirely new cast of young dancers from the Batsheva Dance Company. While the cast may be different, the refreshing performance still promises to deliver that delicate tension between the familiar and strange. When you come to Mamootot, you are more than a spectator, you are an integral part of the performance.  

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Suzanne Dellal Center , Neve Tzedek Thursday May 4 2017 - Sunday June 25 2017

Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier grew up in a family of musicians, which greatly influenced his prodigious musical talent from a young age. Based in the UK, Jacob's unique sound combines elements of A cappella, Jazz, Groove, Funk, Classical, Brazilian, Gospel, Soul and more for a harmonious finished product that earned him two Grammy nominations. The rising star is barely 22 years of age and his vocal layering video performances are already out of this world. Come experience the multi-instrumental world of Jacob Collier LIVE at one of Tel Aviv's top music venues this May.  

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Barby , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Monday May 15 2017


Following the wild success of Not By Bread Alone, Jaffa's Nalaga'at Theater has a completely new show in store. Written and directed by Ofer Amram, Edgar also deals with issues of deafness and blindness, but this time, the story follows a man as he slowly loses his eyesight and hearing. While the world around him begins to fade, Edgar embarks on a spiritual journey to help him cope with his deepest fears of loneliness and uncover new passions, including a female suitor.  

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Nalaga’at Center , Jaffa Port Thursday May 4 2017 - Sunday May 28 2017

Tattoos: The human body as a work of art

The worldwide culture of tattooing is currently enjoying a renewed historical examination; in the wake of modernization and globalization processes a new global social approach is developing which adopts the art of tattooing and recognizes its importance and uniqueness. The exhibition deals with the history of the art of tattoo and presents the diverse contemporary artistic styles in Israel and abroad. The exhibit devotes a large section to contemporary tattoo art and to the Israeli tattoo community, as it is captured in the lens of Kaakooa Project, alongside works of additional artists and photographers in Israel and abroad.  

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Eretz Israel Museum , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Until Monday May 1 2017

Ronen Sharabani: Snap to Grid

Sharabani’s new work, which he calls a “Smart Exhibition,” is comprised of imagery projections against a very large wall at the museum and includes computer renderings and 3D environments which are also be translated to VR. The name of the exhibition comes from the computer command that sorts digital icons and allows the artist to create chaotic simulations. Clicking on the button creates a new structural order which is the basis of his creation. The magical digital button is the dream of every person who strives for order, simple solutions, and an external intervention that will organize the chaos.  

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The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art , Neve Tzedek Until Monday May 1 2017
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