Things to do in Israel next month

Let go of the “FOMO.” Plan ahead for the wildest events in Israel coming up next month with our early bird list

Save the date! There are tons of big events on the calendar next month. It’s time to mark them down, purchase tickets, and let the anticipation swell over you while waiting for theatre performances, comedy festivals, and concerts to come to town, and new museum exhibits, designer boutiques, and restaurants to open their doors. After tackling the top attractions in the Holy Land, it’s time for some good ole’ fashion entertainment. You deserve the break and you’re bound to save on early bird specials and presale tickets.

What's on next month


Honor Tu B’Av with a month of the country’s best local live music, In Love with Israeli Music

Celebrating the romance of Israeli Valentine’s Day and the hottest Israeli talents, the Zappa Group presents four weeks of 100% beloved Israeli music. In addition to all the country’s Zappa venues, the performances will take place in a variety of atmospheric locations, from the ancient synagogue in Katzrin, the Roman amphitheater in Roman Beit Guvrin National Park, and Beit Gabriel on the Kinneret, to the ancient port in Caesarea, Rishon Lezion Live Park, and the Fountain Park in Eilat.  

By: Time Out Israel Writers

Ziggy Marley

Following in his father’s legendary footsteps without getting caught under his shadow, Ziggy is spreading gospels of peace and love throughout the world through his Caribbean joy. Since his father taught him to make music at age eight, Ziggy gathered a powerful Kingston crew devoted to spreading messages of freedom and optimism, and won a total of eight Grammys between his band, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, and his solo career.

Barby , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Tuesday July 31 2018 - Wednesday August 1 2018


For the very first time, Israel is dedicating one legendary night to immersing into the world pop scene. “Wiggle wiggle wiggle” to global pop and hip hop sensation, Jason Derulo, who has sold over 30 million singles in the last decade and worked with Demi Lovato, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez. 

Live Park Rishon LeZion Wednesday August 1 2018

Jerusalem International Film Festival

Originating in 1984, the festival has become one of most significant cinematic gatherings in Israel, spanning 11 days and screening 150-200 films. The program focuses on big cinematic achievements, fresh debuts, up-and-coming contemporary directors, subjects concerning freedom and human rights, and Israeli film. Dedicated to featuring the premiere Israeli movies, documentaries, and shorts, the festival has become the leading platform showcasing Israeli works. 

Jerusalem Cinematheque , Mishkanot Sha'ananim Thursday July 26 2018 - Sunday August 5 2018

Bomba Estéreo

Bassist Simón Mejía describes his band’s Colombian meaning as “a crazy party that blows your ass to the other dimension.” Along with singer MC Li Saumet, the Colombians from Bogota sweep fans away with psychedelic vibes, mixing virtuoso guitar with bouncing tropical electronics, deep bass, and high-energy beats. The artists also convey profound musical and textual connections to their routes, creating a truly unique atmosphere. 

Barby , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Monday July 23 2018

Die Antwoord

They’re they’re surreal and satanic, they’re aggressively bizarre and eccentric, they don’t give a f*ck what anyone says, and they’re coming to Tel Aviv. With their outlandish street personas, shocking comments, and disturbing music videos, some say Ninja and Yolandi are satirists, sending ingenious societal statements vibrating through their aggressive sounds. 

Live Park Rishon LeZion Thursday August 2 2018

'Let there be light!' at this brilliant Jerusalem festival

There is something truly special about the Old City once the sun sets and the crisp Jerusalem winds start to tickle the back of your neck. That daytime hustle and bustle is replaced by a communal calm, as soothing as a Friday evening with family and perfect for an after-dark stroll.

By: Time Out Israel Editors

Karmiel Dance Festival

For the 31st year, the beautiful Karmiel city in the Galilee is hosting three days and nights of about 100 dance performances, expecting to reach about 250,000 people. Between the city’s vast open spaces, green parks, picturesque waterfalls, and rose gardens, the city will flood with parades, dance classes, workshops, competitions, art exhibits, performances, and fireworks. 

Karmiel , Karmiel Tuesday July 24 2018 - Friday July 27 2018


What better way to close the opera season than with the loud, proud, intense Carmen. Whether you claim to be a music buff or not, you'd recognize the music from this incredible 'opera comique' in a heartbeat. Conducted by Karen Kamensek, with Gadi Schechter as revival director, Bizet's incredible masterpiece is the perfect way to end a season and make way for a new one.

The Israeli Opera House , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Until Friday July 27 2018

Arieh Sharon: Architect of the State

In honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, examine one of the most active Israeli architects of the 20th century, who literally built the country as it grew into the landscape we enjoy today. The exhibit presents a comprehensive view and critical examination of Sharon’s shaping of Israeli space. 

Tel Aviv Museum of Art , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Until Monday October 1 2018
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