Things to do in Israel next month

Let go of the “FOMO.” Plan ahead for the wildest events in Israel coming up next month with our early bird list
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By Jennifer Greenberg |

Save the date! There are tons of big events on the calendar next month. It’s time to mark them down, purchase tickets, and let the anticipation swell over you while waiting for theatre performances, comedy festivals, and concerts to come to town, and new museum exhibits, designer boutiques, and restaurants to open their doors. After tackling the top attractions in the Holy Land, it’s time for some good ole’ fashion entertainment. You deserve the break and you’re bound to save on early bird specials and presale tickets.

What's on next month

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Things to do, Exhibitions

Hide & Seek - Maarten Baas

icon-location-pin Design Museum Holon, Holon

Hide & Seek exhibition features young Dutch Designer, Maarten Baas’ designs who gained notoriety in 2002 by burning flea market and ikea found furniture

© Loris Gréaud
Things to do, Exhibitions

Sculpt: Grumpy Bear, The Great Spinoff

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv - Jaffa

The french artist’s collection of work entitled, Sculpt: Grumpy Bear, The Great Spinoff, is inspired by the children’s television program, “Care Bears” 

© Micha Bar-Am
Things to do, Exhibitions

Defense Lines: Maginot, Bar-Lev and Beyond

icon-location-pin The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Tel Aviv University is proud to house in the Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery and Michel Kikoïne Foundation an exhibit documenting the history of two fortification lines

© Yossi Zvicker
Things to do, Concerts

The Seven Sopranos

icon-location-pin WOW Theater, Eilat

Partnering with the Ministry of Tourism, The Israeli Opera brings to Eilat a performance

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