Candid moments from Trump's visit to Israel

"The Don" has landed in the Holy Land for 36 hours. Here's what happened
US President Donald Trump visits Israel
By Time Out Israel Writers |

Some know him as "The Donald," others the T.V. personality who loved to scream "you're fired," but now, he's taken on a new post: President of the United States. News of Trump's visit to the Middle East spread through Israel quicker than the ten plagues and now that he's come and gone, it's time to hone in on the good, the bad, and the ugly moments caught on candid camera. From seeking spiritual guidance from a big wall on how to build one himself to an unenthusiastic 'low five' with Melania, Time Out Israel has got it all...even a photo op as he reaches out to Bibi for possible relationship advice.

President Trump Meets With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu At The White House
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Presidential couple Donald and Melania Trump show their affection (not towards each other) towards the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and his wife Sara, each in their own special way.


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