Maria’nın Bahçesi

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Maria’nın Bahçesi (literally meaning ‘Maria's Garden’) is run by Maria Ekmekçioğlu, whose extensive experience stems from managing her own patisserie in Thessaloniki for 13 years. The colourful garden sprinkled with flowers, beautiful view and delectable dishes haven't changed a bit throughout the years.


Maria'nın Bahçesi has proven itself time and again when it comes to breakfast and brunch (the garden is literally packed on Sunday mornings), yet it's just as ambitious when it comes to dinner. The olive oil dishes are particularly tasty, thanks to the vegetables, olives and special oil that are all brought in from Ayvalık, Edremit and Cunda... Add to that the retsina and ouzo that come from Greece and the Aegean herbs that pepper the table alongside fish and seafood, and you get the full picture. Maria’nın Bahçesi seats 150, while the balcony on the top floor is reserved for special events. If you plan on visiting on a weekend (as most people do), make sure to reserve a table beforehand.


Venue name: Maria’nın Bahçesi
Address: Küçükyalı Sahilyolu 85

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12.00-23.30; Sat-Sun 10.30-00.00.
Static map showing venue location