Shopping Zeytinburnu

The latest project by Murat and Hande Başoğlu, Takkunya is a one-stop shop for souvenir items like glassworks, porcelains, woodwork objects and T-shirts. The creative force behind Takkunya seeks to place everything that you see in Istanbul’s daily life onto items that tourists can take back home and locals can enjoy. ‘The purpose of souvenirs is to take with you the feeling of a place and to admire it with joy,’ Murat-one of the founders of Takkunya- says. ‘So our main focus was on giving tourists quality souvenirs that would let them remember a moment in Turkey when they go back home. What makes these pieces unique is that they all bear original designs. Another emphasis was on keeping these pieces affordable. The founders wanted customers to feel confident in buying gifts from Takkunya, to know that the price they see on the Web site is the same as the price in the stores, to know that there won’t be an issue with an item’s quality and that they can contact the company if there is a problem, even after they’ve left Turkey.


Venue name: Takkunya
Address: Olivium Outlet Center

Static map showing venue location