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Best bilingual baby books

Teach your little ones new languages with the best bilingual baby books in English, Spanish and French

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Dorkys Ramos

Kids are like sponges, which is why it’s important to introduce them to new skills while they’re still young. Being bilingual—or even multilingual—will open up so many doors for them when they’re older, both career-wise and when they travel the world. So we’ve rounded up the best bilingual baby books to gently introduce your tots to different languages. Once they’re older, sign them up for foreign language classes for kids (learn spanish!), visit NYC museums on different cultures and take them on a trip around the world via the best family restaurants in NYC. Just be sure to join in by signing up for a few foreign language lessons yourself!

Best bilingual baby books

Colors / Colores

With a title like that, you’ll know this little board book will be full of bright and bold imagery, and it does not disappoint on that front. It’s a sweet, eye-catching book kids will want to flip through again and again.

Numbers / Números

One, two, three! Uno, dos, tres! This little book guides kids through the numbers in Spanish and English with cute photos and touch-and-feel–patches for tiny hands.


Animals / Animales

If your toddler loves animals, they'll love this. The adorable book will expand their vocabulary by pairing animal photos with their proper name in both English and Spanish. Little ones will enjoy the colorful imagery and simultaneously associate both words to each photo.

Feet Are Not for Kicking / Los pies no son para patear

Feet are sweet, but only when they’re used for good activities like walking, running and kicking balls. Kicking people, on the other hand, is a big no-no. Kids will learn about appropriate behavior in English and Spanish as well as what not to do when they’re feeling frustrated or angry. Parents will also receive bilingual tips to help kids use their feet in kind ways. 


The Birthday Box / Mi Caja De Cumpleaños

All grown-ups know that when you gift a child a toy, they’ll usually toss it aside in favor of playing with the box it came in. This story follows the imaginative adventures of a boy who sails the oceans, flies through the clouds and becomes a robot—all with the help of his birthday box.

Calm-Down Time / Momento para calmarse

Soothe kiddie temper tantrums with this book of bilingual rhythmic phrases and calming words. Young ones will gain language lessons while also discovering positive ways to deal with their frustrations and crankiness. 


First Words / Primeras Palabras

It’s never too early to get kids on the bilingual track. This sturdy board book offers up baby’s first words and pairs them with bright imagery. And parents who are trying to learn Spanish along with their tots will find it useful, too.

First 100 Words / Primeras 100 Palabras

Little ones will get the basics as they learn 100 words in both English and Spanish. Colorful photos and bold letters will grab and hold their attention as parents run through objects they’ll encounter day-to-day, including food, pets and toys.


A is for Airplane / A es para Avión

The bilingual book leads kids through the ABCs with basic vocabulary words in both English and Spanish. The illustrations are absolutely adorable and once your child masters this book, he or she will have a huge leg up for first day of school.

Am I small? Je suis petite, moi?

Tamia wants to know if she’s small and asks all the animals she encounters on her path, “Je suit petite, moi?” The whimsical book is full enchanting art as kids follow along on Tamia’s journey learning English and French phrases along the way.


Bear at Home / L’Ours à la maison

Bear takes us on a tour of his home, spending time in each room to show what activities he does and what he stores in those spaces. With French and English vocabulary and a captioned floor plan, kids will soon run around the house naming items in both languages.

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