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New and upcoming exhibits at NYC museums for kids

At these NYC museums for kids, cool new exhibits are always on the way! See our favorite exhibits for kids below.

Photograph: Courtesy National Geographic Encounter

Don't miss new and upcoming exhibits at the very best NYC museums for kids! There's so much to see if you know where to look, so you'll certainly want to keep checking back for the latest and greatest lineup of exhibit information. This year, you'll find "The Jim Henson Exhibition" at Museum of the Moving Image, in addition to fun seasonal picks like "Dynamic H20" and other rotating offerings. National Geographic Encounter will also open in Times Square in the fall! We can't wait. 

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Best new museum exhibits at NYC museums for kids

The Jim Henson Exhibition

The Museum of the Moving Image finally unveils its new permanent exhibition on Jim Henson’s work. Head up to the second floor to find nearly 300 items from the Henson’s career in film and television, including sketches, storyboards, scripts, photos, costumes, behind-the-scenes video footage and 47 puppets (Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Elmo and Big Bird just to name a few). Kids can even try their hand at puppeteering on screen and designing their own puppet characters. All ages.

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Museum of the Moving Image , Astoria Wednesday August 23 2017 - Wednesday January 31 2018

Angry Birds Universe: The Art and Science of a Global Phenomenon

If your kids are a fan of all things Angry Birds, then they’ll get a kick out of the New York Hall of Science’s news exhibit Angry Birds Universe: The Art and Science of a Global Phenomenon. The interactive exhibit will feature 20 hands-on activities based on the popular mobile game that explore mass, energy, architecture, simple machines and other science topics. Propel balls bearing the faces of the game’s characters using giant slingshots and test the strengths of various structures, race handheld vehicles, create stop motion animations and learn about different birds, their wingspan lengths and egg sizes. This exhibit truly takes ones of the biggest games in mobile history and turns it into a giant learning experience that kids will love. All ages.

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New York Hall of Science | Queens, NY , Queens Until Sunday August 27 2017

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Ocean life and virtual reality...what's not to like? Explorers of all ages will venture through a 60,000-square-foot space—even larger than Gulliver's Gate, also new to TSQ—to enjoy virtual interaction with sea lions, rays, dolphins and see virtual humpback whales, great white sharks and Humboldt squids. You'll experience photo-real animation, huge projection screens, immersive sound and an area where guests can engage with interactive technology (photo areas, touch screens, holograms and games involving ocean conservation/research). 

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By: Allie Early

Georgia O'Keeffe: Visions of Hawai‘i

Travel to Hawaii through Georgia O’Keeffe’s art created during a visit to its lush landscapes in 1939. More than 15 of O’Keeffe’s paintings, which haven’t been seen together in New York since their debut in 1940, will be on display in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library Art Gallery. Film screenings, lectures, readings, and an interactive guide will round out the exhibit and cultural activities—live music, hula and chant performances and artisan demonstrations—will take place on weekends throughout the garden. Kids will learn about the plants captured in O’Keeffe’s paintings, receive field notebooks to draw in as they follow a trail and create their own botanical works of art. All ages.

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New York Botanical Garden | Bronx, NY , The Bronx Saturday May 19 2018 - Sunday October 28 2018

Dynamic H20

Learn all about NYC’s water system at Dynamic H2O, an outdoor interactive exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan that follows water’s journey from the clouds to the city. Along the way tikes can pretend to fish, use a fountain to experiment with water pressure and build waterfront Lego hi-rises to add to the exhibit’s miniature replica of NYC, which includes tiny Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, of course. All ages.

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Children's Museum of Manhattan , Upper West Side Until Friday September 1 2017

"MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition"

Put some of the world's quirkiest myths to the test with this Mythbusters-themed exhibit! Kids will learn if you can really huff, puff and blow a house down, pull a tablecloth off a fully-set table or if your toast lands butter-side down every time. You'll experience live demos that include visitor participation, plus cool sets and props from the show. Available with Premium Pass or Combination Pass. All ages.

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Liberty Science Center Until Monday September 4 2017

Gulliver's Gate

Explore a magical world of interactive miniatures at Times Square's newest attraction, which contains almost 50,000 square feet of the world's most magnificent landmarks. Visitors can walk by the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, Buckingham Palace—even the pyramids! Have tiny train, truck and car-lovers on your hands? Expect almost 1,000 trains, 12,000 wagons and a total of about 10,000 cars and trucks on display. The longest track is almost eight miles long! Gulliver's Gate opens for previews April 4. All ages.

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Midtown West

"Drones: Is The Sky The Limit?"

Learn about pilotless aircraft in this 6,000-square-foot pavilion on the Museum's Pier 86! The exhibit covers topics such as drone history, new drone technology and the role drones play in helping to solve large-scale humanitarian challenges. You'll see drones small and large, plus things like computer renderings, model airplanes, historical artifacts and even the world's first flying dress (worn by none other than Lady Gaga). All ages.

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Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum , Hell's Kitchen Until Sunday December 31 2017

The NFL Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it’s like to train for a professional football league, you'll definitely want to check this new NFL-themed attraction out. The NFL Experience, which will be debuting in Times Square in November, will guide visitors through an immersive journey as they train for the faux pro leagues and emerge a reigning champion. Football fans will take on various challenges to prove they can properly handle the pigskin. Test your passing skills as a quarterback and see how your speed and accuracy compares to the actual quarterback on your selected team. Photograph: Courtesy NFL Experience Want to imagine yourself suited up as a part of your favorite team’s roster? An installation will film your image and display it on a screen in front of you. Afterwards, select your team of choice to have your live image rock that team’s uniform. Now strike a pose! Photograph: Courtesy NFL Experience A digital whiteboard will grant those who live to coach from the couch a chance to prove they’ve got the know-how to win the game. Watch as the moves drawn out in X’s and O’s play out on the computerized match. If you start doubting the strategies in your playbook, don’t worry. A digital coach will chime in with tips to beat the opponent and special moves to try. Photograph: Courtesy NFL Experience The space will feature other interactive displays with multimedia touches, artifacts and a 4D cinematic experience offering up exclusive content from NFL Films.

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By: Dorkys Ramos

"World Brooklyn"

The museum's star permanent exhibit consists of a maze of kid-sized shops, each containing a fun activity. The boutiques—a Chinese stationery store, a Mexican bakery and a West African import store, to name a few—are modeled after real Brooklyn businesses. The miniaturized community also houses an international grocery store equipped with conveyer belt–propelled wares that tykes can use to restock the shelves, and a theater where children watch recorded performances by Brooklyn dance troupes, then step onstage themselves to replicate the steps.

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Brooklyn Children’s Museum , Crown Heights Until Wednesday January 31 2018

David Hockney

The Met celebrates David Hockney’s 80th birthday with a retrospective on the British painter’s work from 1960 to now. The exhibit will include pieces from Hockney’s career as he’s explored perception, space and time and across various media, including painting, drawing, photography and video. All ages.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art , Central Park Monday November 27 2017 - Sunday February 25 2018

New York at Its Core

The Museum of the City of New York’s new permanent exhibition “New York at Its Core” will present the full 400-year history of the city. From its beginnings as a Dutch settlement to the urban force it is today, the exhibition will guide viewers through the evolution of one of the greatest cities in the world. The attraction features three interactive galleries based on four themes - money, density, diversity, and creativity - and more than 400 significant objects from NYC icons, including Alexander Hamilton, Walt Whitman, “Boss” Tweed, Emma Goldman, JP Morgan, Fiorello LaGuardia, and Jay-Z. The museum will celebrate the opening of the exhibit with a weekend-long public festival Gotham Groove (Nov 19 10am - Nov 20 6pm) with 32 hours of live music, spoken word performances, films, dance, and interactive activities for the whole family. All ages. Advance registration required for Gotham Groove.

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Museum of the City of New York , East Harlem Until Sunday December 31 2017

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