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Christmas gifts for teachers that they’ll cherish

Your guide to the best Christmas gifts for teachers, including knick-knacks, desk decor and other great stuff!

Allie Early
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Allie Early

If you need help finding the best Christmas gifts for teachers, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find all kinds of amazing presents for your coolest mentors, including some fun desk accessories and other great stuff that—well—isn't just an apple. We get that finding the best Christmas gift ideas for teachers can get a little difficult, so we're happy to help! See below for our favorite picks.

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Best Christmas gift ideas for teachers

Personalized stationery

2. Personalized stationery

Give the ultra-thoughtful gift of personalized stationery this season. Isn't this sweet schoolhouse print lovely? $17,

Metal mailbox bank

3. Metal mailbox bank

Keep track of loose change with a piggy bank so cute even adults will want one. $12.85,

Cactus candle set

4. Cactus candle set

Aww. A set of teeny cactus candles is sure to warm the hearts of even the prickliest, toughest teachers. $10,

Wine socks

5. Wine socks

We're giggling over these adorable socks. We're pretty sure your child's teach will need a glass or two by the time holiday break rolls around. $14,

Buqu power bank

6. Buqu power bank

This bright pineapple power bank easily clips onto any bag and will quickly charge your phone. $24.99,

Tote bag

7. Tote bag

A totes-cute canvas bag is great for teachers on the go. $9.99,

Bonsai starter kit

8. Bonsai starter kit

Bring nature to the classroom with this pint-size bonsai starter kit. $26.99,

Dog pouch

9. Dog pouch

This pouch has a cute doggie on it. En-RUFF! said. $15,

Burt's Bees gift set

10. Burt's Bees gift set

Who doesn't love Burt's Bees? Give a gift they'll be buzzing over with this five-piece set. $21.99,

Gum magnets

11. Gum magnets

It's your kid's teacher's turn to get the last laugh with these realistic-looking chewing gum magnets. $6.90,

Dino memo holder

12. Dino memo holder

Aww. This cute dino memo holder is perfect for storing sticky notes. $9.78,

Lit mug

13. Lit mug

Does your kids' teacher put the "lit" in literature? They'll need this mug. $14.99,

Lunch bag

14. Lunch bag

Teachers need lunchtime too! Treat 'em to this beautifully designed, easy-to-wash neoprene lunch bag. $19.97,

Teacher shirt

15. Teacher shirt

Perfect for the math teacher with a sense of humor, this soft shirt reads, "I got 99 problems and you'll show your work for all of them." $19,

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