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#0800R1NG2AV3 with Red Bull Music Academy this weekend

Written by
John Thorp

Harking back to the classic days of underground and off-the-radar raves, Red Bull return this weekend to Leeds with the city’s first edition of #0800R1NG2AV3, or rather ‘0800-Ring-2-Rave', and the free, party on the relative downlow offers the opportunity for energetic punters to do just that. Or Tweet2Rave, to be more accurate.

With previous editions having featured across the spectrum of house, grime, bass and DnB - including, but not exclusive to bonafide legends such as Shy FX, Fabio & Grooverider and newcomers such as Moxie - the names on the bill won’t be revealed to the day, and neither will the location, although we’re promised by Red Bull’s cunning rave crew that it’s perfectly accessible within Leeds itself.

To get involved, you’ll need to get on Twitter and start spreading the word, tweeting #0800R1NG2AV3. Lucky potential ravers will receive a Tweet back this Saturday morning letting them know all the necessary details, so keep your eyes on your @s in the meantime.

To get you in the mood, you can listen to the aforementioned set from Fabio and Grooverider at Red Bull Music Academy’s website. Good luck, and rave safe!

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