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Bark and bite: BrewDog launch world's strongest canned beer

Brewdog black eyed king imp beer

It's said to be 'super intense and twistedly complex, with intense notes of vanilla, rich espresso, smooth molasses and bitter chocolate'. Scottish brewer BrewDog also claim that Black Eyed King Imp is the strongest canned beer in the world.

At 12.7% ABV, the Russian imperial stout has been matured for a year in casks previously used for bourbon, then aged further with vanilla pods and coffee beans.

The drink, referred to by BrewDog as 'a massive monster of a beery beast' gets its oaky vanilla flavours from the wood, while the balance of espresso and cacao add complexity to the finish. This is said to give Black Eyed King Imp a spicy aroma with brandy notes. 

Making strong beers is something BrewDog have a history of. In 2009, it produced a beer called Tactical Nuclear Penguin, which at 32% alcohol was claimed to be the strongest beer ever made. In 2010, this was topped by Sink the Bismarck, which claimed to be 41%.

However, even these pale in comparison to a freeze-distilled beer called The End of History, which generated controversy not just because of its 55% ABV strength, but also because the bottles (of which only 12 were made) were packaged inside a stuffed animal. 

At £9.50 a can, Black Eyed King Imp isn't likely to be the tipple of choice of those looking for a cheap buzz, but you can try it out yourself at one of BrewDogs two venues in Leeds: the bar on Crown Street and the recently opened Shuffledog on New York Road. You can also buy it online.

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