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Bateman and burgers at Belgrave Music Hall

Written by
Thom Archer

You may have noticed 'Interactive Cinema Experiences' popping up more and more recently across Leeds; cult classics screened in locations specific to the film's story, costumed performers, and surround-sound provided by hoards of fans in fancy dress shouting out all the best lines.

For example, think last year's hot tub screen of 'Jaws' at the Leeds Dock, a 'Harry Potter' marathon in the company of real life wizards at Kirkstall Abbey (LS5's answer to Hogwarts) or being rewarded for escaping an actual zombie onslaught with a forthcoming screening of 'Shaun of the Dead'.

However, if that kind of multi-sensory fun sounds like a lot of effort then don't worry - Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen has got you covered.  

Following the successful launch of Dawson's Interactive Cinema during Leeds Indie Food 2015 in May, it's planning more interactive screenings which cater to the most important sense of all – taste.  

The launch featured a screening of Jon Favreau movie 'Chef', which paired the on-screen action with five perfectly-timed courses, so the audience could smell what they saw being cooked on screen, and then stuff it in their faces in sync with the characters. Way more immersive than any 3D technology!

Their next event, on July 8, will be a screening of 'American Psycho', which includes the feature presentation and cocktails, while you dine on a 'Bateman Burger'. There will also be pre- and after-parties with DJs (hopefully playing lots of Phil Collins and Huey Lewis and the News).

For the future, Dawson's Interactive Cinema have also announced plans for 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Goodfellas' events, so expect tasty burgers, five dollar milkshake, and some special Italian home-cooking – maybe ziti with the meat gravy? That is, assuming the FBI don't raid the place first...

Dawsons Interactive Cinema Presents: American Psycho, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Wednesday 8 July.

Advance tickets £10, available here

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

Belgrave Music Hall & CanteenBelgrave Music Hall & Canteen

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