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Beacons Festival changes its name and moves to Leeds

Written by
Chris Parkin

The much-loved Beacons Festival is no more. Boooo. But it's changing its name to Beacons Metro and taking up residency in Leeds. Yay!

The festival, which took place in the Dales around Skipton in 2014, will also be setting up shop in Manchester and Liverpool. The reason for the move? The cost of going to a traditional camping festival, it seems.

Venue information is secret for now but the Beacons people themselves say their Leeds event will take place in October in a three-storey former textile mill in the city centre. Any guesses which one?

Even more excitingly, Beacons Metro will be a 12-week (12-week!) programme of live music, art, film, street food and other things Leeds does extremely well. Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds Indie Food and Belgrave Music Hall will all be present.

Among the other organisations getting involved are Bristol-based Crack Magazine,, Resident Advisor, Now Wave and Noisey, which should give you an idea of just how good this 12-week happening is set to be. We can't wait.

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