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Behold: Burgersaurus Rex!

Written by
Shaun Curnow

Last August, Almost Famous opened its newest burger joint on Great George Street.

Since then, it has created some mammoth meaty specials including the epic 'Leodensian', mighty '203 On a Bun' and the unmistakable 'Lady and the Tramp'. 

So, to celebrate the launch of Jurassic World, Almost Famous has revealed the prehistorically huge 'Jurassic Pork' meal for today and Saturday only.

Almost Famous

Just look at the size of that beast.

At its beefy heart is a double cheeseburger, which is accompanied by crispy bacon, slow cooked pork, coleslaw (or, rather "dino-slaw"), Flamin' Hot Monster Munch and a dash of Baconnaise. Finally it has been topped with BBQ pork ribs. You can almost hear your arteries crying out in fear/excitement (delete as appropriate).

Almost Famous

Can we say it looks "roarsome"? Because we just did.    

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