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Boutique salon set to keep Leeds' beardy hipsters looking trim

Written by
Chris Parkin

Beards. They are inescapable at the moment. Blame whoever you like for their popular resurgence, but it looks like they're here to stay. So better a clean and tidy beard than a walking food diary, right? Leeds' beardy types are set to be well catered for in this department.

After proving popular in Liverpool and Manchester, John Shanahan's Barber Barber – the salon 'for scoundrels and gentlemen' – is opening up a third branch in Leeds at the end of May.

Among the services on offer are 'precision beard sculpting', shoe shining and the 'Barber Barber Experience' – a shampoo, cut and finish, with hot-towel neck shave, plus traditional cut-throat shave with oils, hot towels and steam preparation.

The barber – so good they named it twice, or something like that – hit the news last year after it banned women from stepping foot in their Liverpool branch, calling critics of their policy 'feminists and mavericks'.

See the salon's website for more information.

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