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City Varieties Music Hall celebrates its 150 birthday this weekend

Written by
Rob Martin

If you’ve never been inside this amazing building, you really should. And now you really can.

To celebrate reaching the grand old age of 150, the elegant doors of the will be thrown wide open on Sunday to give you a behind the scenes glimpse of this stunning old music hall.

When it opened it set out to provide entertainment for the working people of Leeds, its posher sister, the Grand, being more for the affluent classes, but it could be argued that this is a far more impressive venue. Its renovation has returned it to former glory, and it remains the oldest surviving music hall in the country.

From Harry Houdini to John Bishop, its programme offers just what it always has – variety. But this weekend, treat yourself to a visit and just go and enjoy the building. There’ll be birthday cake as well and if the weather holds, the party will spill out onto the old cobbles.

City Varieties Music Hall birthday party, noon – 4pm, free entry


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