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Does Leeds want a Mayor?

Written by
Rob Martin

Today, George Osborne announces plans to invite cities such as Leeds to follow the Manchester route and bid for devolved powers. This will give local authorities more control over their finances and how to manage their services.

The catch? Well, if this is one, it will come with the caveat that devolved powers will only be granted if an elected Mayor is in place. It's coming for Manchester, but there has been resistance from many cities, Leeds included. 

And perhaps with good reason. At the same time as promising extra powers to control the likes of local transport, housing, planning, policing and public health, austerity measures continue to cut back hard on Northern cities, possibly setting this scheme up to fail from the off.

So what do you think? Should Leeds have an elected Mayor? And, if so, who? Which Leeds leaders, celebrities or thinkers would make a good go of it?

Comments please. Over to you...

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