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Five Leeds clubs to keep you regular this weekend

Written by
Rob Martin

It's the weekend at last, time to let yourself relax, have a few drinks with your mates, maybe get yourself on that dance-floor. Some of the best nights out in Leeds are the regular ones, so here are five crackers to get you in the mood.

, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, Fri Jan 23, £5
Ah, the Cockpit. Gone but not forgotten. Well, time to get over it as FUEL offers two stages where all of your alternative club needs can and will be met. Emo? You're in. Punk? Welcome, but mind that spikey mohican on the dance-floor. Pop? Hell yes, and nice hot pants, by the way. Did we mention the cheap drinks? We just have. 

Danger Zone, Fab Café, Fri Jan 23, free before 10pm
When the drinks are £2.50, the zone of danger looms as large as a black hole in this sci-fi themed bar playing a mix of rock, indie and pop. And if two jagerbombs for a fiver doesn't give you a sore head, maybe you're a replicant...

Propaganda, Propaganda's Attic, Sat Jan 24, £4
What better way to share the special magic that is Australia Day than by donning a ridiculous cork hat and heading over to Propaganda where they're celebrating it for no apparent reason. In the main room, DJ Dan and his mates will be spinning you around to the best in current and classic indie and alternative, whilst Room 2 comes over all digital with a filthy cocktail of electro, house, drum and bass and hip-hop with Twenté.

Bugalu, The HiFi Club, Sat Jan 24, £4
If all of that bangin' hard house leaves you cold and indie isn't your bag, perhaps some funky soulful beats mixed with a Jamaican groove and some Latin flavours are more you thang. Then allow residents Mike Walwyn, Scott Dulson and Matt Bradshaw to full your night with fun.

Rock & Metal, Fab Café, Sun Jan 25, free
After a long week of work or studies, looking after the family, whatever keeps you busy, and a weekend of booze, clubbing and lord knows what else, everyone deserves a day of rest on a Sunday, secure in the knowledge that it will provide you with a much needed kick start to your Monday morning. Oh, bugger that, it's rock and metal at Fab Café with cheap drinks all night! Mondays just aren't the same without a hangover...


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