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Is Leeds the most laid back place in the country? Our survey reveals all.

Written by
Rob Martin

Last month we asked if you wouldn't mind completing an online survey. Thankfully, many of you did, (clearly the woman who told us to 'Mind your own f*cking business' on Facebook wasn't so keen), and because of that, we've been able to compare how our lovely Time Out readers compare with each other in the cities that we cover.

In the UK that's London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and, of course, you - Leeds. Here's what you told us.

We asked about your stress levels, how well you sleep and to score your happiness out of 10. Laid back Leeds has the least stressed-out populace of all of our UK cities. You're sleeping well too, with the fewest insomniacs, (still at 54% though), giving you the best overall score when you take happiness (6.82) and stress both into account.

Leedsians also have the best oral hygiene, so well done you, which is a good job because 27% had sex in the week you took the survey and nobody likes a bad breath kisser. 30% of you had a drink in the last week too. You awake at 6.50am and start work at 8.53am. We also asked about how much you earn and how much you think you need to earn to live comfortably in Leeds. Your answers came out the same at £25k.

So it's pretty much all good, and yet, despite this, almost a quarter of you (24%) are thinking of leaving.... When we asked if there's anything about the city you don't like, there were some interesting answers, including:
'The number of people smoking.'
'Annoying people.'
'A lot of scumbags in the city.'
'Litter and glass.'
'Transport links are useless.'
'Self absorbed rich bitch types.'
'Rent prices.'
'The train to Manchester is slow.'

Speaking of which...

Manchester came out as having the happiest people in our survey. The salary question returned exactly the same result as Leeds too, but only 19% of Mancs would think of leaving the city. The Mancunians are having more sex than you and drinking less, but their breath isn't as minty fresh...

Poor Londoners. Whilst they earn more than the rest of the UK (the average salary of respondents being £29k), it's felt that you need at least £38k to make the most of the city. They are, however, the cleanest, 2nd drunkest and the most horny, but a whopping 32% are thinking of moving out.

Up north in Glasgow and Edinburgh, both cities felt that they earn more than is enough to be comfortable on, with salaries around the £28k mark. Miss Jean Brodie would no doubt be horrified to learn that Edinburgh has the biggest drinkers, (35% compared to Glasgow's 23%) but the Glaswegians are having a better time in the boudoir. Well, a more frequent time. Whilst 22% of people in Edinburgh would consider moving away, Glaswegians are happy where they are with only 17% with thoughts of elsewhere...

In Birmingham, people get up the earliest, take the least amount of time to get ready, (don't stand too close in a crowded lift), and start work earlier than the rest of us, which could be one reason behind why they are the most stressed people in our survey. Like Bristol (see below), there's a £6k salary difference (£19,550 compared to a comfy £25), and they aren't cheering themselves up via hanky panky. Almost a third of them (29%) want to move out.

Bristol may be lovely but people there are the unhappiest in our survey. They shower less frequently than anyone else, sleep the worst, and there's almost a £6k difference between what people earn (£22k) and what they need to be comfortable. You'd think they'd cheer themselves up with some 'how's your father' but no! Of all the people in our survey, Bristolians are having the least amount of sex. Despite all of this, they are the least likely to leave their city, with just 17% considering a move.

Overall then, Leeds comes off rather well in our findings. What do you think of them?


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