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Is there an important teacher in your life? The Thank You Teacher Awards allows you to, well, thank them

Written by
Rob Martin

If you watched the brilliant 'Educating Yorkshire', the inspirational drive of the likes of Head Johnny Mitchell or Assistant Head Matthew Burton might well have taken you back to your own school days. We all remember one teacher. One teacher who made a difference. Maybe they said just the right thing at just the right moment. Perhaps they saw something in us when the others didn't, and helped us to nurture that. Maybe they were just kind.

'Dead Poets Society', 'The Paperchase', 'To Sir With Love' or, best of all, 'Etre et Avoir'. There have been so many stories told about teachers and what a strong a lasting impact they can have on our lives and it's clear that these noble professionals (apart from the ones in 'Teachers') can influence us for years throughout our lives.

So now, here's a chance to remember that teacher or get the children in your lives to nominate their favourite educator as the Thank You Teacher Awards are launched. The awards recognise inspirational & amazing teachers in West Yorkshire. They’ll be given out at a ceremony at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in June, which will be hosted by children’s TV celebrity Basil Brush – assisted by BBC Radio Leeds’ drivetime presenter Andrew Edwards.

Nominations for teachers old and new can be made up until Tuesday 31 March and you can get the application form from the BBC Radio Leeds website.

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