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Is your street one of the top ten places in Leeds to raise a family?

Written by
Rob Martin

Today a new report will reveals the top 10 streets in Leeds on which to raise a family, with the launch of a new tool that allows anyone to see how their own postcode is rated.

The Family Friendliness Index (FFI) compiled by property research tool Property Detective examined every Leeds postcode to provide a detailed, objective and scientific insight into the best places to raise a family examining factors such as facilities, schools, and crime rates.

And the top ten looks like this with comments from Property Detective:

10: LS18 4JZ - Clarence Road, Horsforth
This pretty road in this metropolitan town is a great spot for families who want to benefit from the great schools and family facilities. 

9: LS16 5HL - Kepstorn Road, Headingley
A lovely country road; this old mill town offers low crime rates and has a good range of play facilities for families nearby. 

8: LS24 9QF - Dam Lane, Saxton
A lovely wooded lane; this quaint village offers a wide range of childcare options along with a variety of family amenities and shops. 

7: LS6 4LE - Green Road, Meanwood
This serene road runs alongside a scenic park, low crime and the outstanding schools and nurseries nearby make it a popular place for other families. 

6: LS8 1NR - Gledhow Wood Grove, Gledhow
A highly popular area for other parents this neighbourhood grove is just a short walk to the local amenities including the parks, hospital, and an outstanding primary school. 

5: LS7 4DN - Mansion Gate Drive, Chapel Allerton
With great nurseries right around the corners, a range of play facilities and very low crime, it's no wonder this lovely, suburban drive scores well.

4: LS25 3EP Cattle Lane, Aberford
Running alongside a beautiful countryside; this historic village offers a wealth of great schools, nurseries and mum's networks nearby.

3: LS21 2PY - Castley Lane, Castley
Just a short drive from Leeds city centre, this lane surrounded by farmland is located in a tightly knit community that has plenty of other parents and activities creating a great support network for young families. 

2: LS25 2NU - Brierlands Fold, Garforth
This former mining town has an immaculate, tree-lined lane that is well-catered for families with plenty of key amenities and a pretty park nearby. 

1: LS17 8AT - Wike Ridge Lane, Shadwell
A long, quiet lane surrounded by plenty of green spaces is the family place with a wide range of great schools and nurseries nearby. 

Property Detective founder Barry Bridges said: 'It's interesting to note that for Leeds and the surrounding communities there are a wealth of areas where crime is markedly lower than the national average, but for families crime is only one part of the picture.

Our research tells us that Leeds and the surrounding area offers a strong community presence, quick access to the countryside and green spaces and plenty of family amenities. This provides an even fuller picture of what is important for families, but it does pay to check your street as things can vary one road to the next.

People want different things from their neighbourhood but family friendliness is supremely important. Even if you don’t have children, the future resaleability of your property might be affected if the neighbourhood as a whole attracts parents or parents-to-be.'

Shadwelll narrowly beat Garforth to top honours, with Castley Lane, in Castley coming in third. Honours also went to Aberdord, Chapel Allerton and Gledhow.

What about where you live? Find out how your postcode does.


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