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Kaiser Chiefs' Peanut loves Leeds United, you know

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Kaiser Chiefs returned home recently for a big homecoming show at the First Direct Arena and it reminded our new blogger (and the band's keyboardist) Peanut about one of his favourite things about the city…

'I thought I'd write about something that's important to the city of Leeds. That thing being Leeds United. It's not about a badly-run business or losing a Champions League semi-final, but about a 14-year-old boy following a bus around Leeds City centre on May 3 1992.

I attended Elland Road for about half of the home games in that 91-92 season, sharing a season ticket with one of my best friends' cousins, walking down Lowfields Road and under the motorway bridge nice and early. You have to get a good parking spot otherwise Gelderd Road traffic is terrible on the way home – wise words from my Dad those, and it's still our tactic to this day.

The Family Stand was my viewing point, when it was the cheese wedge between The Kop and West Stand. Seeing players like Batty, Chapman, Cantona, Speed, Strachan and Day made for some exciting football.'

David Locke

'Half-time often involved an injured or unselected player popping up for autographs – I'll dig out the autograph book when I'm next home – and on a few occasions 20p would let you grab as many Panini stickers from a massive black bin bag as possible. I got a lot. Plenty of swaps.

I remember following the bus from somewhere around City Square and ending up somewhere between the Town Hall steps and the front of the Henry Moore Institute, along with thousands of fellow Leeds fans on that day in May.

A French man said some words about loving us and pandemonium broke out. Or maybe that was when the trophy was lifted on the open-top bus. Either way, everyone's scarves and hats went up in the air. We all surged forward and I never saw my 91-92 title-winning Leeds scarf ever again. I don't think any scarf will ever mean as much to me as that one.

Whether it's post-midnight in Sydney or breakfast time in New York, news of Leeds United's endeavours always reaches Kaiser Chiefs. Sometimes mid-set. We meet fans all over the world and, biased or not, I don't think any other club has such a loyal and global following as Leeds do. MOT. (That's 'marching on together', by the way.)'

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