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Post Election Party in Leeds

Written by
John Thorp

After last weekend’s avalanche of party opportunities and day festivals around Leeds, the pace slows a little for this weekend, with some of the city’s best promoters still bringing you a chance to dance away your blues in case anything might have got you down in the past few days, not that we’re implying anything. See you on the dancefloor. There is joy and optimism to be found.

Butter Side Up - Wire, Call Lane, Friday
Butter Side Up continue their regular dealings at Wire with much-respected DJ and producer Prosumer guesting alongside residents, delivering a three hour set. Perhaps one of the few DJs to make the bold and unusual move from Berlin (where, alongside fellow Panorama Bar favourite Tama Sumo, he founded his own pub quiz), to Edinburgh, he’s still perfectly attuned to that city’s dancing spirit, not to mention more than educated in the vast dance music heritage of New York, Chicago, Detroit and beyond. Expect a taste of all these and more this weekend in Leeds, with one of the most charismatic and on point selectors out there today.

Crazy P - The Wardrobe, St Peter’s Square, Saturday
Having spent twenty years both on the road and in the studio, the cult audience of the band once known as Crazy Penis continues to grow exponentially. Digging into and deconstructing elements of jazz, house and downtempo, but mainly rooted in a throbbing disco style, they remain a vital live band, with a raw sound indebted to classic underground dancefloor hits that many struggle to emulate and adapt so perfectly. Expect a great party atmosphere and some great jams in The Wardrobe.

Disco Noir - Blueberry Hill Studios, Kirstall Industrial Estate, Saturday
You might not immediately drift towards Kirstall Industrial Estate for a big night this Saturday, but if you’re in the area, the Disco Noir collective of like minded DJs promise an evening exploring ‘everything from the bass and deep sides of the house scene through to the late night offerings that techno has to offer’. It all takes place in a raw, stripped back venue, as you might well expect!

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