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Sketches of daily life in Leeds by artist David Questa

Written by
Chris Parkin

Originally from York, artist David Questa now lives and works in Leeds. Last year, he created a series of sketches to celebrate Yorkshire's involvement in the Tour de France.

Ahead of Tour de Yorkshire (May 1-3), he's kindly letting us show them off below. He also took time out from the studio to tell us about his art works and how he goes about creating them.

'In 2014, I made a series of work for the exhibition Departure based on the route of the Tour de France, including paintings of the Yorkshire Dales. Because this journey started in Leeds, I decided to create a series showing aspects of the busy daily life of the city.

'In common with my usual practice, the drawings all start on-site, resting on the pavement. I start by sketching in the main composition and everything static and permanent. As the drawing progresses, I include the transient elements, like people, cars, bikes and buses, which are observed in fleeting glances and sketched in quickly.

'Back in the studio, the drawings are then fleshed-out further with layers of ink and highlights of colour.

'Cities have certain rhythms and patterns and moments are repeated again and again. Rather than a snapshot, these are an accumulation of observations'.

City Square 

City SquareDavid Questa /

Park Row

Park Row, LeedsDavid Questa /

The Observatory 

The Observatory, LeedsDavid Questa /

The Old Post Office 

The Old Post Office, LeedsDavid Questa /

Leeds Town Hall 

Leeds Town HallDavid Questa /

Check out David's website. Limited-edition giclée prints are available at Sunnybank Mills and Headrow Gallery

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