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Surviving Friday the 13th in Leeds

Written by
Mark Whittle

For many people Friday 13 will go by completely unnoticed – just another date in the calendar. At most, a good excuse to watch a decent horror film. For those afflicted with paraskevidekatriaphobia however, today raises serious problems. A fear of Friday 13 is surprisingly common, too. A study has found that one in ten people will purposely not travel today and one in 20 won’t even leave the house.

All is not lost, however. Leeds offers plenty of opportunities to lead a full and happy life without ever venturing past your doorstep and we’ve found six of the best ways to do so.


First off, you’re going to need to keep up your strength up and that means some decent food. There are a lot options available when it come to ordering fresh food to your door but we’re going to suggest Goosemoor Organics. Offering a variety of fruit and veg, freshly picked from their smallholding near Wetherby, Goosemoor also uses low-emission vans to deliver, as well as setting part of their land aside as a nature reserve. So not only will you eat healthily without tempting fate, you also get to enjoy the warm glow that comes from knowing your meal is both delicious and morally sound.


Avoiding the perils of Friday 13 can be a stressful experience. If you find it all getting a bit much, it may be time to invest in some of Calico’s mobile massage therapy. As long you’ve got enough space - they suggest imagining a six-foot person lying down with their arms outstretched – they offer plenty of options, including a hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage and a natural face-lift massage.

Your therapist will bring everything they need, including a selection of music, although you’re also encouraged to pick your own. This means you’re free to decide whether it’s the sound of crashing ocean waves that’ll provide the backing track to your treatment or, if you prefer, something along the lines of Slayer’s Raining Blood.


In fairness, the Lion Learners website does say that their home services are for children’s parties so you'll need little ones for this. If you’re successful in your request then for one hour you can bring the wild outdoors into your own home via the antics of Penny the Guinea Pig, Luna the Snake, Aslan the Stick and many more. Suddenly you’re experiencing and learning far more than you could outside.


Once you’re animal hour is up, with any luck, you’ll have struck a chord with your Lion Learner and they’ll want to stick around in a non-business capacity. Upon going to the kitchen to fetch some drinks you might discover that while you’ve got plenty of fruit and veg, there’s a distinct lack of alcohol. No need to panic though as Midnight Booze is more than happy to supply you with a variety of drinks and snacks up until 3am. Just keep the spirits away from Harry the Hedgehog, he’s a maudlin drunk.


With a wildlife expert, physical therapist and menagerie of animal friends in tow, your Friday 13 is swiftly becoming quite the occasion, but how do you keep them all entertained? Nothing says ‘party’ like a barbershop quartet and luckily for you, the award-winning Qube Barnershop Quartet are more than happy to accommodate you. The group have previously performed for Prince Andrew but now it’s time for you to indulge your inner monarch: demand to be entertained as you feast on organic produce.


It’s been quite the day but as it draws to a close you may find yourself wondering what the future has in store for you. Help is it hand in the form of local spiritual medium Gray Davies. While he may not be willing to visit you in person you can take part in a reading via Skype. Whether it’s health, finance or communicating with the other side, your answers might be one conversation away. Armed with such knowledge, you need never fear Friday 13 ever again.

Need things to do when it's safe to go out, Time Out Leeds has you covered.

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