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The Leeds students living in five star designer digs

Written by
Shaun Curnow

Dodgy electrics, mouldy walls, cramped rooms and an odour that no amount of incense sticks can mask. When many people think of student digs, their mind defaults more towards 'The Young Ones' than 'MTV Cribs'.

However, if you think the former it probably means a) you haven't been a student for many, many years and b) you clearly haven't seen what today's Leeds University students are living in. These are the rather spectacular apartments in a new development just a stone's throw from the university and city centre called 'The Edge'.


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This luxury development from IconInc cost £15 million to build and offers lucky/loaded students a boutique hotel living experience of the very highest standards.


The Edge has 131 apartments, which come in three sizes. All of which boasts a double bed, en-suite bathroom, 100Mb broadband and Wi-Fi, as well as a flat screen TV. If their (parents') pockets are deep enough, residents can also add the option of a weekly cleaner, personal trainer and weekly fruit box delivered to your door.


But wait, that's not all. Within the building residents will also have access to an onsite cinema, a fully equipped gym, a games zone with pool table and gaming consoles, laundrette, study room and a complimentary breakfast from the pantry area. If it make you feel any better, they still have to buy a TV licence though. 


Of course, living like this comes with a price tag and renting a room at The Edge costs from £140-£190 a week, with all utility bills covered but excluding the aforementioned extras. Who could possibly afford such expense? Apparently quite a few, as all but one of the 131 apartments have been let.


Whether you could get away letting your drunken mate sleep in the bathtub or accidentally leaving burn marks in the sofa – let alone hold a party – remains to be seen. Still, students will always find a way to get away with those sorts of shenanigans... 

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