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The rudest street names in Leeds and Yorkshire

Written by
Vicki Psarias

No matter how sophisticated we like to think we are, there’s nothing like a rude joke or innuendo to turn us all into tittering teenagers again. Fortunately for us Loiners, all we have to do is wander the streets and we’re guaranteed a furtive laugh because the region is full of smutty place names.

Living on these saucy streets is no laughing matter for home owners, though. Research suggests that having a rude address knocks an average of £84,000 off property values. So if you’re looking to get your foot on the property ladder with a bargain, a house on one of these rather rude roads might be the answer…

Tickle Cock Bridge, Castleford
The most infamous place name in the region is the rather fabulously named Tickle Cock Bridge, an underpass dating back to the 1800s. An attempt to rename the bridge Tittle Cott in 2008 was met by angry protests from residents who demanded the landmark’s name be reverted back to Tickle Cock. People power at its best.

Beaver Drive, Dewsbury
The residential cul-de-sac Beaver Drive will either sound like a really cute street name or a down-right filthy one. You can guess which camp we fall into.

Dick Lane, Bradford
Dick Lane is a long – not that size matters, of course – road on the eastern side of Bradford. The origins of the road name are unclear, but as well as its rude connotations, Dick can also mean detective, fellow, and, of course, Richard. 

Cockburn Way, Beeston
This rather painful sounding street may technically be pronounced ‘coe-burn’, but it’s guaranteed to make you giggle when you drive past. There’s even a Cockburn School, which must have amused countless school children (and probably their parents too) over the years. The school and street was named after Sir George Cockburn, a former Chairman of Leeds School Board and an educationalist.

Butt Lane, Guiseley
It turns out we love our Butts here in Leeds. There's a Butts Terrace and Butts Lane in Guiseley, another Butts Lane in Lumby, a Butts Garth View in Thorner, Butts Mount in Wortley and Butts Court in Leeds city centre. In total, there are 12 Butts – big and small – across the city.

Slack Bottom, Heptonstall
The West Yorkshire village, near Hebden Bridge, even has its own stone – the aptly named Slack Bottom stone. It's named as such because it's found to the south of the village of Slack. 

Do you know any more titillating street names around Leeds and Yorkshire?

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