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Three great club nights to check out this week

Written by
John Thorp

Welcome to the first ever Time Out Leeds clubbing preview, a weekly update of the most exciting and out there parties throughout Leeds’ numerous venues of all sizes and styles, focusing on both visiting talent gracing the city and the rich variety of local selectors. This debut post kicks off with two corners of Berlin techno, with Ostgut Ton aka Berlin's Berghain represented at both Mint Club and Warehouse, UK radio stalwart Moxie making an appearance at The Faversham, and a no holds barred birthday party that's Back to Basics and beyond. Don’t get too chilly, stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side…

One Night with Ostgut Ton, Wire, Friday Nov 28, £10adv

Each of Wire’s ‘Night With’ series shines a bright light (metaphorically, of course) on any number of international dance music institutions, and so massive is the influence of Ostgut Ton, we’ve already reached part two. This time round, the booth is occupied by genre hopping Martyn, a Dutchman in America, who's as closely associated with the likes of Flying Lotus as he is with techno’s bleeding edge, which is to say he’s a reliably cutting edge DJ, with a rare ability to slice seamlessly between driving and dubby beats. On the other hand, Virginia is a Panorama Bar regular in a classical mould, delivering warm, analogue house sets that coax out unexpected, early morning anthems. With the party set to run until 6am, this is a relatively true slice of Berlin in Yorkshire, and as long as you’re not slurring your speech and without your passport, you’re much more likely to get in, too…

Selective Hearing, The Warehouse, Saturday Nov 29, £15adv

Indeed, if the guys at Wire are providing the city’s Panorama Bar vibe, then the adjacent Berghain angle is readily covered the following evening by Selective Hearing. Their latest event at The Warehouse is headlined by the reliably stomping king of underground techno, Ben Klock, who will be reliably attempting to lift the roof from the occasion with a dark and hypnotic sound that he’s truly sculpted into his own. Joining him is R&S records mainstay Pariah, who digs a potentially even heavier if not more escoteric tunnel through the rave, still much respected as one of the leading figureheads of whatever pounding state ‘UK bass’ has seamlessly blended into of late. Reinforcing the atmospherics are the moody sounds of South London Ordnance, plus Hypercolour’s Ste Roberts and residents Reflec, Kahwe and Olsen.

Back To Basics: 23rd Birthday - Beaver Works, Saturday Nov 29, £25

Our first ever clubs preview has, it seems, the relative honour of coinciding with the 23rd birthday celebrations of one of UK clubbing’s true institutions, and one of our last breathing, dancing, sweating odes to acid house; Back To Basics. For the occasion, expect an extensive line up of house tinged tunes both classic and fresh, featuring favourites and residents such as Ralph Lawson and James Holroyd, whacked out disco and funk from Maurice Fulton, wiggy acid played live by Dungeon Meat, and er, Bez. A night very much focused on a friendly crowd packed with heads old and new out in force, this is a chance for a true taste of Leeds’ partying heritage by a crew who just keep on delivering after all these years. 

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