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When are the best times to visit Leeds' favourite eateries? Google tells all

Written by
Shaun Curnow

There are few things as disappointing as heading out for a spur of the moment or surprise meal at one of Leeds' popular restaurants only to find that you face a massive wait for a table. 

Yes, you could say that this demonstrates why there is need for planning and booking in advance, but surely there must be a better way for the city's more spontaneous eaters?

Once again, technology (specifically, Google) has come to the rescue, with a new feature that has calculates visitor data to show when eateries are at their most popular. 

We took a look at selection of some of the best venues from the Time Out Leeds site which display this Google data to see when might be the best time for you to go for a last-minute meal.

Friends of Ham

With its choice location just a stone's throw from Leeds train station, and even more choice selection of craft beers, cheese and charcuterie, it's no surprise that Friends of Ham is a favourite destination.

On Fridays, popularity steadily increases from 6pm until 9pm, suggesting getting in there early will give you the best chance for quick service. If you're wanting to eat there on a Saturday, a slot between 6-8pm looks quietest.

The Reliance 

The high-end British cuisine on offer here has earned The Reliance a reputation that extends far and wide. Plus, with North Street becoming an increasingly popular place to head to, we can only imagine it getting even busier. But when is the best time to visit and appreciate the venue at its most relaxed?

According to Google's data, a late lunch at 3pm is the quietest time, although The Reliance's supper menu doesn't start until 5.30pm. So, if you want an evening meal, opting to eat outside of the popular 7-8pm slot will minimise your time waiting before tucking in.


Although curry house Prashad serves an exclusively vegetarian menu, the appeal of its authentic Gujarati cuisine has won the restaurant plenty of fans. Some have even gone so far as to say that they believe it is the best vegetarian restaurant in the north of England.

Whatever your opinions of Prashad, it's clear that you should opt for any late-planned meals on a Friday rather than a Saturday, between 6-7pm. 

Outlaw Yacht Club

With a menu that includes breakfasts, snacks and sharing platters, Outlaw Yacht club is an all-day venue that finds itself becoming more popular as the evening goes on and the music turns up. Google only had data for Saturdays, which suggests that this hip cafe bar is at its busiest around 10pm.

Kendells Bistro

This French restaurant in St Peters Square demonstrates its popularity most clearly on a Saturday, where it appears to stay packed out soon after it opens at 5.30pm.

If you want to enjoy the authentic food and romantic atmosphere, going on a Friday might be a better bet. Interestingly, the figures show that Wednesday is also one of its busiest days of the week. 

Thai Sabai

This tiny Thai restaurant in Headingley has a well-earned reputation amongst students and diners looking for a good value and great tasting meal. The weekday, pre-7pm 'earlybird' special explains why Thai Sabai's Friday graph differs from most other eateries – people love good value!


As it heads towards its fortieth anniversary, the popularity of this Italian restaurant on Otley Road shows little sign of waning. All the time that Salvo's continues to create authentic and good value dishes, this is unlikely to change any time soon, either.

Here, Fridays appear marginally quieter than Saturdays, where those opting to eat earlier will find the restaurant at its quietest. 

Take a look here to find out more about some of Time Out Leeds' critically rated restaurants.

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