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You know you're from Leeds when…

Written by
Bethany Ashcroft

We're a small island and yet if you're born and bred in Leeds, you may as well be from a completely different country. Here are 14 things that only proper Loiners will be familiar with… 

1) You know at least some of the lyrics to On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at and love explaining what it means to your uninformed mates from down south.

2) The Barrel Man is a standard meeting place 

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3) You were gutted when The Cockpit shut down earlier in the year


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4) You still despair whenever someone asks you about Leeds Castle when it’s actually 240 miles away. In Kent.

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5) The Tour de France? What's that? It's all about the Tour de Yorkshire round these parts.

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6) You’re proud that Leeds now has its own TV station. Big up, Made In Leeds.

The City Talking

7) You only drink Yorkshire Tea – anything else is dishwater to you.

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8) You know all the words to Marching on Together. 

9) A boat on land is a regular watering hole for you, all thanks to the Dry Dock

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10) You refer to people as 'love' because you're just that bloody friendly… 

11) … But you resent the fact that you have to share an airport with Bradford.


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2) You go to the West Indian Carnival every August Bank Holiday – the oldest Caribbean carnival in Europe, we’ll have you know.

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13) Some of your mates have seen Matthew Lewis, aka Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom, in t’pub.

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14) You still call Leeds Beckett 'Leeds Met' and you don't quite get why they decided to change it.

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What would you add to the list?

Get to grips with Leeds and Yorkshire slang.

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